Jan 17, 2010

Family Bonding

Since last Christmas, my aunts, my sister and extended family wanted to learn to make Chocolate Truffles after they pinched some from my mom's.

These days with the popularity of FaceBook, I created an event in it for the family to be invited for a family bonding session with me yesterday. The majority of my relatives are on Facebook. We login to keep track of each other.

Yesterday, I taught them to make Chocolate Truffles at my humble home. Even my 2 nephews ; Joshua(8 years old) and Aaron(7 years old) came to learn too. We had good fun. And a wonderful bonding time.

Imagine 3 generations of relatives together making Chocolate Truffles..My aunt, her daughter in law, and her 2 grandsons..my sister, another aunt, and my cousin too.

We will have another one after Chinese New year..when the rest of my cousins are back in Singapore for the festivities.

By the way, this special class was conducted in local dialect Hokkien. I think Valrhona needs to have a Hokkien name for it.

This is Joshua, my nephew and his box of Chocolate bons bons which he made..and so proud of. A wonderful gift for his daddy as my cousin celebrates his 40th Birthday today!

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