Sep 5, 2010

New Moon

Not the title of Twilight Saga part 2. More like someone like me would bother to make mooncakes. Trust me, and if you really know me in person, I am definitely not a Mooncake person. But I had to try out these new jelly moulds which I am selling in my shop. Many customers ask me "will the beautiful imprints on the jelly mooncakes?" or "will the jellies break when I remove it from the mould?"

I spent my lazy hot afternoon making these...yums! Now packing 4 big ones for my Mother-in-law. I made 2 flavours, Ume Plum (Green) and Strawberry (Pink).

Here's the recipe for it.

1000ml water
150ml Evaporated milk(I use Carnation Evaporated milk)
2.5 tbsp konnyaku jelly powder
200g fine sugar
2.5 tbsp Pastarom Strawberry Paste(*)

* Substitute with Jupe Ume Plum Concentrated paste for the green colour

1. Add jelly powder into the water and whisk till it disappears into the water.
2. Add sugar and turn on the stove to boil till everything is melted.
3. Turn off the fire, stir in the milk and fruit paste till its evenly pink or green
4. Pour melted jelly into plastic moulds and leave it inside the fridge to chill till firm.
5. Remove the jelly and serve cold...


For Variety, you can use other flavourings from the Jupe range or even the Pastarom types. I prefer not to use essences because the taste is very artificial and more 'plasticky' if you put in too much. Plus, if you use essences, you need to add food colouring. Whereas if you use Jupe fruit pastes or Pastarom, you do not need to add colouring.

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