Jan 20, 2012

Golden Goodness

Its almost Chinese New year..And I haven't baked any new year goodies for the family. Each year, this proves to be such a challenge now. With the studio to managed, and the store I have to baby sit too. Though Benny runs the store now. There are still many 'grey' areas I need to look into and watch over. Its not an overnight hand over of duties. Despite his many many years of retail experience, running a baking supplies shop takes much practice and basic know-how.

There are so many things I wanted to share online but I just couldn't find the time. The moment I step into the studio, there is always work that needs attention.

Like this jelly I wanted to make..seems to take forever too. But I managed to find some time yesterday, just an hour is all I need. And I did this, purely just to show case 2 products I sell in my store.

1. The ingot plastic packaging case
2. Frozen Kumquats from CapFruit France

I showed the final end product of my recipe at Facebook. And promised everyone a recipe to follow. So I decided to post it here at my blog. Well, basically, you can use any mold you have at home for this. I just wanted to show off stuff I have.

The jelly was mildly sweet because I didn't put that much sugar in it. Except that I use Golden syrup for it. The taste and flavor of the kumquat was evident. It was delicious..smooth, cold, and has that zesty taste. I use the balance to pour into a larger pineapple mould. I would serve this on Reunion dinner..

This year, our dinner will be cooked by me..and served in our new studio.

Here's to all a Very Happy and Prosperity Year of the Dragon!!

Golden Kumquat Jelly
Recipe by Gina Choong

200g golden kumquat(Frozen)
1 packet of Agar Q jelly powder(colourless/white)
2 tbsp condensed milk
100ml golden syrup(if not, go for maple syrup or honey)
800ml water

1. Defroze kumquats in tap water, cut into half. And squeeze out all the seeds. Look at my pictures for reference.
2. Puree the kumquats till soft and mashy.

3. Add pureed fruits, and the rest of the ingredients into a sauce pot to cook till its sticky and thick.
4. Leave it off the stove to cool slightly. How to know if its cool enough? just dip a spoon into it and tap on your tongue..! or at least this is how I always test if its cool enough. Or else, just leave it aside for about 10 mins.
5. If you use the plastic case I have, you need to invert it in a deep bowl. By itself, the mould cannot stand properly.
6. Pour the liquid into the mould and leave the whole bowl into the fridge to set. This may take 1 to 2 hours.
7. Put the base(gold base) over the top of the case, flip over...voila! Done!

This is how the plastic casing looks like..! You can only find this at our store at Kallang Bahru. Costs $0.80 per set(top and bottom)