Dec 24, 2007

First of first

Like they say, "there is always the first time in everything". This Christmas was the first time for me not to do any roasts for the family party. Actually, we didn't do any last year too. Because my mom was recuperating at home after her surgery. This year, the tables were turned..I was recuperating from surgery. And my uncle Andrew didn't host it at his place this year. Uncle Daniel is hosting it at his place.

So I ended up doing what my relatives loved..CAKES. This year I decided to decorate it with the Christmassy theme. This is what I made yesterday. The cake was baked earlier in the morning and decorations done much later when the cake has cooled.

Although I know that my mom would rather be expecting a Roast Honey Plum Pork Loin or a Roast Beef or a Roast Leg of Lamb..

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Jolly, Healthy New Year!

Dec 23, 2007

Dashing thru the snow...

There is no SNOW in Singapore. We are in the tropics. But I thought this title sounds kind of nice for my post today. As I closed this year in a dash. Literally! I have been extremely busy, clearing a back log of baking classes I had promised to do for my students. If not of my mountain climbing last month, I would have time to bake for charity which was on my top list of things to do this Christmas. Looks like I have to do that next year with Chinese New Year instead.

Its been an eventful year for me, 2007. Seeing myself in a company with friends and leaving it in 6 months later. And back to square 1 where I started off with my home grown website and forum, Kitchen Capers. In these 6 months, I learnt much about working with others, with friends and with myself. How much to expect or not expect, the boundaries one need to know one can do and cannot do.

But at the end of this journey, I am thankful that God gave me new strength and courage to move on. And I have decided to revamp Kitchen Capers and to make it a company instead of just a hobby and past time forum. Benny has given me his support. Each day he gives me assurance and encourages me to carry on my dream.

I like this quote from John Scully, the ex CEO of Apple Computers, Inc. He said :


Yes, this year..the journey I have made is my REWARD. Skills I learn that are invaluable and that no money can buy and no one will show you or teach you how. A journey I have to take on my own and the courage of reaching there.

Above all, I am truly thankful of friends who stood by me in my time of need, my loving hubby, Benny who saw me going thru the ups and downs this year and ever so supporting. And my family who supported me in spirit and in kind.

Its been a Dashing year for me..literally dashing through the snow!!