Mar 27, 2011

A Bag of Flour

The Candy Man sung by Sammy Davis of my favourite songs as a child...!

What do you do with a bag of flour? Most people would use it for baking or mixed into a thick batter to dip seafood and meats for deep frying. That's provided its still all good, before the expiry date. But what if its expired? Most I know would trashed it.

But I would put it to good use..outside food. Since I can't make it edible, at least I can use it for something else.

A Salt Dough. Just flour, lots of salt and water. Mix it all up to form a dough. Leave it aside to settle and then mould it, bend it and shape it. Either you use it to make 'clay' figurines or like play dough for kids, you don't have worry about poisoning should the kids swallow it. Because they won't. Its too salty. Or worry if the ants will come either. Salt is a natural preservative, and this salt dough keeps for a lifetime or until someone breaks it.

This is what I use my expired flour for..I put into a mould which I recently got from Guangzhou. Its a silicone mould, intended for ice sculpture and chocolate moulding. But I bought it for making 3D Fondant figurines instead. Since I had some leftover flour which is near to expiry date, I decided to use it for this purpose.

A pekingese dog which was a favourite with the Chinese Emperor

The Lion Dog which is often seen outside a rich man's house..guarding the gates. This figurine of the lion dog is sitting on a pile of Gold coins.

The mythical Chinese Dragon guarding its Crystal ball...

The dough once taken the form of the mould, was removed and baked in preheated oven at 200C for 30 minutes. So that its dried up and harden. Unfortunately, I only had food colouring at home, no poster paints. So I can't paint these.

Here's the recipe of the salt dough

1 cup of flour(expired, any type of wheat flour )
1 cup of salt(fine salt will do)
60ml to 70ml of tap water

1. Put flour in a large mixing bowl
2. Add salt to stir and mix
3. Add water and knead into a dough.
4. The dough may feel grainy due to the salt. Now its ready for use.
5. Shape into patterns or roll out on the table like you would with cookie dough.
6. use various cookie cutters to cut.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 200C for 20 mins.

* even if it gets burnt, no worries. No one is going to eat it anyway! Decorate it with oil paints or poster paints. When its dry, paint nail varnish on it to make it shine.

You can use salt dough to make any figurines or even ornaments like bracelets, brooches or any art and craft work you need to make with your kids..

Here's the ice sculpture I did recently..

Mar 19, 2011

Why me, Lord?

Why Me Lord, a hymn sung by The Gaither Vocal Band.

A dear friend of mine recently had a baby. Who isn't due till end of March 2011. But the doctor had to deliver her soon as my friend's blood pressure suddenly shoot till very high. A ultraviolet scan also confirmed that the baby wasn't growing and fearing still birth, she was delivered by c-section. While mom was recovering in her ward, the baby was whisk away in an incubator where she lay and seem to be struggling too.

Words reached me about her untimely birth while I was still in Guangzhou, China for a business. Not knowing head or tail of all that has happened, I only know one thing I could do for her. And that is to pray for them.

A bit of sharing with my friend and me, I found out that her blood pressure went awry due to some family problems. Which I will not relate here because that's too personal. But all I say is that it causes her much anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Now she has been discharged from the hospital but her baby is still in the hospital.Friends rallied around her, praying for her baby. And while I chatted with her online, I told her my own story...

Of once upon a time..some 20 years ago. I was pregnant with Natasha and she was due to be a New Year baby but she came earlier..all because my blood pressure shoot to 220/120. I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor had no choice but to deliver the baby as it was life threatening.

At the operation table, I was under GA..and didn't know anything. But when I came out of it, I found out that I almost died on the operation table. My heart stopped...and I lost much blood. The doctor had to revive me. I remembered overhearing Benny when he spoke to his best friend :

"I don't want to have another child. Seeing how Gina went through, I can have no kids, but I cannot have another wife. She almost died at the operation table.."

Some of the underlying reasons why Natasha and Melody are 8 years apart was also due to this reason. I took a long time to convince Benny that if God saved me once, He will saved me again.

The reason my BP went up so high was that I was working at that time. And overheard my boss saying that he would retrenched me before I give birth so that he doesn't need to pay me 2 months leave(maternity leave). He dragged my probation for almost a year not wanting to confirm my job when he found out I got pregnant. I needed to work, to have an income so I could pay for things, medical and all that. And though Benny could support me, I didn't want to weigh down our family income.

I was retrenched during my confinement month..the first month after Natasha's birth. In my 2nd month, God found me a job and soon after, I went to work. My boss, though single, was a kind man. I worked for him and was loyal to him for over a year until I left and join another company. We remained good friends even after Ieft the company.

And if you think I have forgotten what God has done for me once, yes, I did. After all, I am still human and to make errors like this, happens just too often too. When I had Melody, history repeats itself. But this time, I emerged as a heroine. I put my name down for retrenchment instead..thus saving 2 of my colleagues' jobs in the same company. And having gone through one retrenchment, this time I was much prepared and God proved to me again..

How much more He loved me because He is also the same God who clothed the flowers and feed the sparrows. Melody was born at 33.5 weeks, a premature baby. And I was out of a job again. And again, in my 2nd month of maternity leave, I was head hunted for a Regional Support position in Singapore.

My ex boss was an Irish of the co-founders of Quark Xpress software..the renowned DTP software at that time. He interviewed me, gave me the same salary I had in my last job and God restored everything I thought I have lost when I was retrenched from my previous job.

So this post serves to inspire you. The next time you think of the darkest moments in your life, when the world seems to have collapsed, your life all broken and messed up and you ask "Why me? Lord!"...take a moment and know He was watching and waiting for you to call Him. And when you do, He will come and deliver you for all your pain, your sickness, your sorrows and your tears. And He will wipe each tear from each eye, give you rest for your tired soul and lift you to higher ground.

May you always be reminded that while the world seems to be wasted away...someone up there, up above the clouds, is watching over you and waiting for your call.

Be comforted to know that He cares for you, much more than you will ever know and understand.

Be blessed, be inspired.


Mar 17, 2011

All the Bliss...

So Happy Together sung by The Turtles(Group/Band singers)

Finally, my ultimate wedding cake recipe and photo went to print..on a local wedding magazine called "Blissful Brides" at the start of the new year 2011.

Here is the write up(a little on it) from Blissful Brides blog

Here's all the photos I took of the pages in the magazine. If you want to read the full story, go and get the magazine. Its available from Borders, MPH, Cold Storage Supermarkets, Jason's (mostly the town or CBD areas).

Its at Pages 522 to 524. Title of the article was "Baking Your Own Wedding Cake"

They published the photo which Natasha took when we attended Ru-shin's wedding.

The article was written by my baking student who happens to be a guest writer for the magazine. She send me a questionaire sort and I just answer it with loads of references and photos. They re-written it like a story rather than a Sunday Times sort of article where I was interviewed with a Q n A.

The various cakes and photos are not mine. They took it from their stash of good wedding photos. But the Sweet Cherries Fairy Cake photo was from me. Along with the recipe.

I email Ru Shin immediately...she was thrilled..! It was a cake I baked, decorated with lots of love. From the early memories of watching Ru-shin as a child, watching her grow. From a tiny toddler to a beautiful woman. Its almost like watching my own daughter growing up, getting hitched and settling down.

In the article, I shared that every cake you bake, must be treated with lots of love, attention and devotion. As if its a cake you are baking for someone closed to your heart. Even though you are baking for your clients/customers. Because every cake is unique, as every newly wedded couple has a unique love story.

This is why the publishers loved my story...and had it re-written properly with all the right grammer and spelling.

Enjoy..go and get a copy to read.

Mar 7, 2011

He Loves me so...

Jesus Loves Me sung by Marshall Hall, Gaiter Vocal Band

Every child that has gone through Sunday School knows this old hymn.

Jesus loves me! this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
they are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

I served in my church for 2 years in the ministry to children. Then I got married, and when I had Natasha, I return to serve the ministry. But Sis Cindy suggested that I join the Ministry to the new-borns..the mini creche in our church is lacking good teachers. And since I became a mother, she figures that I would know instinctively what a baby wants and how to soothe him/her.

I got back to read all my old notes from my night classes at the Singapore Bible College. Where I took the course on Ministry to Children. Our lecturer told us back then, the way to reach out to a new born is just a heart beat loud noises, no loud or jumpy excited worship and praise songs. Just hum...

I remember some years back in mini creche, a lady came with her little baby girl. And we often had to sign in new baby with proper documentation. The mother left her in the crib in the mini-creche, and a bag of things for the baby. Milk powder, diapers, a blanket and some toys. She said she has to go pee..and will be back to fill up the papers. I was busy at the moment, and another fellow sister didn't think it was important and let her go.

This little baby started crying. All the helpers tried to soothe her. But she wouldn't stop crying. I carried her in my arms, closed the door behind me..(we had a nursing room in the mini-creche for mothers to nurse). At one corner of the room, sat a mother with her baby, nursing. I didn't want to disturb I held this little one closed to my she could hear my heart beat. And then I hum to her...the tune from "Jesus Loves Me"

Slowly, but surely, the baby stopped crying. Though tears still welled up in her eyes, she was calm. I wiped her eyes with a soft tissue and continue to hum to her. And at the same time, I sat in the nursing room, next to the window..and looked at her.

As if she was my very own, I prayed for her. And she fell asleep in my arms. As I lay her down to the crib, I continue to hum that favourite old tune.

I left the room. She slept for a good hour or until the adult service ended. Her mom came by and looked for her baby. But because I wasn't the one who saw her mom, I didn't know who she was. The mother started to panicked when she couldn't find her baby. We had hanging cradle, cribs and beds for all the babies that comes to the mini-creche. She was almost driven to tears and she couldn't find her baby.

Since I was in charge of the mini creche that Sunday, I brought her to the nursing room and ask if that baby girl is hers. The mother saw her baby sleeping peacefully, her blanket covered over her up to her belly, she looked comforted and peaceful. She said :

"she could never sleep on a bed (crib). She needs the cradle( a hanging cloth kind). And further more, she needs to drink before sleeping. She is such a fussy baby. How did you manage to put her on the bed? She never sleeps more than 15 minutes."

And then I told the mother :

"Maybe you didn't see or sense this place. God is here.. Jesus is here. Angels are here, helping us to watch over them. And if you believe in Christ Jesus, you believe that she is safe in His arms and He is cuddling her, rocking her from side to side and singing to her, singing to her soul. All she needs is a daily dosage of God's love."

okay...maybe a bit too superficial here..but as a believer for years, I believe God did that for my own daughters. When I had to cook and be working in the kitchen, I can't tend to baby Natasha all the time. So I prayed and ask God to watch over her while clean the house or prepare food. And because of my faith in Him, Natasha never had any accidents at matter how small it was.

I had knives, scissors, medicine lying around everywhere which is a no-no when you have little crawling toddlers around. It never cross my mind I had to re-furnish or hide things away when Natasha came into our lives.

God was never a visitor or a guest in our house. He was a family member who dwells in our house, in our lives and in every thing we do.

I remembered when Melody was born, barely 3 months old, Benny was hospitalised for Haemorrhage Dengue Fever and Natasha too was hospitalised for Dengue Fever. I didn't catch it because the virus was still residing in me..I had Dengue Fever years before. The day meant I was to rush from one hospital to another. Benny was housed at Changi Hospital and Natasha was at Mt Alvernia Hospital. By the end of the day, I was dead tired and I had to rush home, bathe and washed up and change new clothes before I could nurse Melody.

I remembered it so clearly. And later on, this became a testimony of how God watches us DAILY and all the time.

I was alone in our bedroom. The aircon was turn on, the lights in the room was dimmed. We had a small table lamp at the side of our bed. I carried Melody in my arms, sat on the bed. She was crying..she was hungry. But I was so so dead tired. All I could remember was I sat there with her in my arms and I prayed..

I cried out to God and said I just can't go on anymore. All I want was Benny to recover from dengue because he was at the brink of death. His blood count was low, the blood transfusion didn't seem to work. The doctors told me if he didn't live through that night, I must be prepared for the worst. Natasha was very ill.

I told God I don't know what to do anymore. I just don't. And I felt asleep while praying...I have never been so dead tired in my life before.

I don't know how long I was asleep..but I suddenly woke up in the middle of night..the room still dimmed..and there was this soothing sound I heard. Like in distance, an old hymn I used to hum in church to the little ones I used to care for.

And I realised that my arms were resting on the side of my body...and baby Melody slept on my chest..she didn't fell off my body..and for that split moment, I thought I saw God and He gives me that reassuring sense of well-being that He came and carried baby Melody in His arms while He rested my body and my soul.

I woke up awe and immediately, I prayed and said Thank You Lord. As always, for being there for me.

I put Melody down to her I got up, the phone rang. The hospital rang..the nurse on duty that night told me this :

"Mrs Lim, Mr Lim is okay now. some how by some miracle, the blood count went back to normal.We will monitor for a few more hours. If its okay by 10 am tomorrow, he can be discharge the next day"

AMEN! And before I could ring my parents to tell them the good news, Natasha recovered miraculously overnight. In a day, I had to discharge 2 persons closest to my heart. Sis Cindy was there at Mt Alvernia Hospital to help me while I sign the papers for her to be discharged. She took her home for me while I dash off to the other hospital to bring Benny home.

All in a day's work. For us, we think we accomplish so much. But to God, greater good He has done, my faith leapt 100 fold. Restored, renewed and never look back. I will never think about ending or think the world would just end like that anymore.

Miracles do happen and they happen because Jesus Loves You..


Mar 6, 2011

By My Faith And I Shall Walk

With All I Am sung by Hillsong Choir(Gospel)

I think if you have been following my blog since Day 1, you will know I talk about my faith in God(Christianity) all the time. Almost in every post, every line of text. God is mentioned and I find every chance to do it in my line of work too.

When email got popular, I added a line of text called a Signature at the end of all my emails that I replied to others or send out. And that line of text is extracted from the Good News Bible(International Version) and it reads:

"The Lord is my Shepherd. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED. Psalms 23:1"

I did this on purpose to put that last sentence in Caps all the way. That verse serves to be a reminder for me every time an email leaves my inbox. And when its replied, I get to read that verse again.

Once a business associate replied to me and said:

"Not everyone I know has the amount of faith you have in your religion. To put that down in every email. But I would to ask, what does those words mean "I have everything I need". Do you have everything you need? I thought everyone is always in need of something"

And I replied :

"It means to me that I am not in want of more. I put that verse in my emails to remind me all the time.

Any more, He is blessing me with Abundance.
Any less, He is teaching me to be contented with all I have.


When I started Kitchen Capers forum in July 2004, I just wanted to share information about cooking, baking. I hope the forum help everyone and also myself to learn from each other. And it carried the faith I have with me into the forum too. At the KC Forum, the title reads:

"People Learn from one another, just as Iron Sharpens Iron. Proverbs 27:17"

In everything I do, I put it in prayers. When KC was started, Pastor Kim San, Buay and myself prayed over it. We ask the Lord for a Bible verse to be use for this. Although the site was run and managed by a Christian*yours truly, I never preach the Gospel in the forum. Because the forum was open to everyone, every religion and every faith out there. The purpose was to share, to learn.

I wouldn't allow anyone to mock or spoke ill of any religion. But in fact, we talk about the food we eat that evolved around the various religions we believed in.

When we first open our store in Kallang Bahru, I was literally treading in uncharted waters. My knowledge was slightly above zero point. I knew enough..but not more. I knew what to say to customers asking for things that I don't sell or how to use a certain ingredient I have.

Every day, Benny and I prayed over our store. In our faith, we learn to lean on God for everything. To bring customers to us, to teach us what to say, what to sell and how to sell.

By my faith and I shall walk. While Willie(my brother in law) who works in the store with me is not a Christian, he would often say we needed luck to keep the business going. I often had to remind him that I do not need luck. But I need God instead. Its Him to kept us till today.

I wonder how many Christian-run companies prayed everyday for their business? I know I did. Benny and I did. We prayed everyday. When we check our sales by 7pm, we both Thank God in one voice. Every day, without fail. Even if our sales are bad and we don't even break even. We put our faith in Him alone. We know deep in us, He will provide.

Some days we have no one in our shop. And I will sms Benny and say "Today is very quiet. Let's Pray" and he replied "Yes, God will send angels"

And soon after, people would just appear out of nowhere..and within an hour, our sales hit the jackpot(so to speak). We hit our sales target for the whole day in just 1 hour flat! Just because we believe, just because we have faith in Him.

So many times, this has happened. And we can no longer say its just pure coincident. Whenever we shared about our work with others, we often talk about how God bless us. In our work(the shop), with our children, with my parents, family and relatives. And most of all, with Benny and myself.

In so many ways, He never failed to show me that I indeed HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED. No more, no less.

Have you pray recently?

For yourself? For the work you do with others? For your superior? For your friends or your family members? For that someone who hurt your feelings? Or even for your pets?

Take charge of your life as a Christian. Its been a prayerful life for me. Things will happen when you put your faith in Him. Maybe not as dramatic as the Red sea parted in Moses time or Noah and the great flood that lasted for 40 days and night. But enough to shake your faith in Him alone.

I see my life is full of events, both good and bad. If God has not been in it with me all this while, I know I am not here today. And I know I wouldn't have met Benny.

With each failure, He taught me new skills, how to cope, what to do. How to pick up the pieces and how to mend. And each failure I had to go through in life, He taught me how to share, never to hold back. And in turn, teach others to cope.

Without Christ, my life is a standstill.

With Christ, my cup of joy over runs. Its never enough that I seek more and more of Him each day.

When Benny accepted Christ in 1987, he loved this Christian hymn " Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow" And sometimes in his bad days, he would hummed to the tune of this hymn. And without fail, God will calm him and renew his faith.

And the person who taught him to sing this hymn was Brother Tony Lim, who was also the person who is the MC of our wedding. Brother Tony Lim was a retired Registrar at the Registrar of Marriages in Singapore. When we got married, Bro Tony blessed us with God's words that our lives ahead will be filled with God's blessing for years to come.

Songwriters: Gaither, Gloria; Gaither, William
God sent His son, they called Him, Jesus;
He came to love, heal and forgive;
He lived and died to buy my pardon,
An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives!

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!

How sweet to hold a newborn baby,
And feel the pride and joy he gives;
But greater still the calm assurance:
This child can face uncertain days because He Lives!

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!

And then one day, I'll cross the river,
I'll fight life's final war with pain;
And then, as death gives way to vict'ry,
I'll see the lights of glory and I'll know He lives!


May God Bless each and everyone of you. As you go about life's struggle each day. In good or bad days. He is constantly on watch over you. 24/7, 365 days a year and 366 days in a leap year. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Know for now and for sure, He is just a prayer away.


Mar 3, 2011

Baby, you can drive my Car..

Drive my Car sung by The Beatles

Yesterday Benny gave up his Honda MPV and drove home a new car from FIAT Motors. We went to view it soon after Chinese New Year as we have been planning to buy a new car. Couple of things crossed our minds about getting the ideal car.

It has to be big, inside out. Just like the MPV. It must be able to ferry at least 6 persons comfortably behind(not counting the driver and his queen) LOLz! And it must have leg-room, it must have room for our stock and stuff, shopping bags and to fit our dog Jing Jing.

Tall order?? Maybe. He took a day's leave last week and took me out on a window shopping shop for a car. Okay, I can't drive, never will. Due to my knee injury years ago which I had surgery done on it. I could never run due to this injury. I could not even kneel. My left knee is swollen to this date. My right seems normal. Sometimes I walk with a limp. When I get out of a car, my left knee comes out first..but it could not stand..several nerve ending on it have been severed. If I put pressure on it, I won't feel anything, but I may fall because its weak. With age, its worse.

For a long time, Benny has been my chauffeur, if he can't, he gives me money for taxi. And he once told Natasha that when she is old enough, he will pay for her driving lessons. And when she passes her tests and certified to be driver, one of the things she must promised is always to be there at my beck and drive me around.

Even when we were dating, and I have to go home myself after meeting him(as he has to go back to work) he would never allow me to take a bus. He would wait in line for a taxi with me and send me off with money in my hands to pay for the journey home.

So when he said he wants me to tag along to view a car, I told him :

"I can't drive. I don't know anything about cars. I am just a passenger in it. You go and choose what you like, make sure its comfortable for the driver. That's important."

But Benny said :

"Buying a car is like buying a second home. Everything I buy or do, you are a part of it. I want you to come and see."

So off we went..and saw this car. There were 2 models, a cheaper one and a more costly one. He was trying to save money but I could see that he didn't like it very much. The driver seat area was cramp and small. After much test driving at the showroom, I pull him aside and said

"Ben, buy the bigger one. the more expensive one. You are the one driving, you must feel good about it. If you are happy, I am happy. Sure, its more expensive. We can scrimp and save a bit here and there. At our age, we should live like half a millionaire, not a full pauper."

So its settled..we signed, sealed the deal and bought a FIAT Doblo 1.6cc. The interior was Maroon..the dash board, etc. KC corporate colour. The car will be Metallic Silver. And it will be registered to me..aka Kitchen Capers. Our very first company car.

A proud moment for us..our first shop in May 2009, our first Company car by March 2011.

Here's how it looks like :

Outside my mom's place..we drove it there to show her.

Parked downstairs of our apartment..

The registration shows Kitchen Capers..but I blur out the address as it shows our residence address. KC was registered in the beginning as a SOHO(Home Business). A year later we open shop.

Incidentally, I noticed that our car plate reads as GBC 722k. Jokingly I told Benny its a short name for "Gina Benny Car"

Mar 1, 2011

Growing Up..

FootLoose by Kenny Loggins..performed in the hit musical Foot Loose

I grew up in the 60s when all the R & B, Rock n Roll songs were on the rave on the radio everywhere. I can't remember how old I was back then, but when my Uncle Daniel was 21 years old, he had a smashing party. Uncle Daniel told us he was a member of a rock band in his younger days. My mom use to tell us he had a long queue of girl friends.

Here's the old foto in Black n white:

That's me on the left, the dress I wore was hand sewn by my mom. Shocking pink..! I remembered. My cousin John, on my side. And uncle Daniel..the star in his party. There were so much dancing, I remembered. We danced anyhow, any way we liked. Of course, its always been me and soul mate from my childhood days.

I grew up in those early years exposed to songs, and music all the time. My dad loves the movies from Hollywood so I had a fair share of Hollywood celebrities and only watch a movie if a celebrity is in it.

My relationship with my relatives are very close. My uncle Daniel was more uncle than anything else. He was my confidante and my friend. He allowed me to fiddle with his music tapes and his musical equipment, the stereos, the sound system. Seen here in another old foto with Uncle Daniel and me...

Now I am all grown, and whenever we have parties, its often celebrated in full swing and with Uncle Daniel too.

And I tell myself one day when I am old enough to be a mother, I would like to be my children's best friend where we shared movie tips and music we loved together.

Natasha is my first born, with whom we shared the same love for the same kind of music and the same movie flicks too. I used to watch musicals with her and also watch the same teenage love romance movies too. We all go ga-ga over Johnny Depp. But I was the first to discovered Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorshands and later as his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the series of Pirates in the Carribean. Then Natasha grew to love Johnny Depp and became one of his loyal and devoted fan in Asia. We watched all the old musicals together, over and over again. First as a family, then with her friends. From Oliver! to My Fair Lady, then to West Side Story and then to Grease. I would tell her stories of the days I watch these in my younger days.

Melody is my youngest daughter. She on the hand, follows what her sister watches..and so in a way, in tune with what I grew up watching and listening.

Melody is 12 going on 13 years old this year. She is all into 'older guys'. While her peers are watching teen movies and going ga ga over young boys, she, on the other hand was going for older men. She said they look more "hot" and more mature than all the childish boys her age.

At my age..almost hitting 50 years now..I moving backward in time. I am watching all the teen romance movies, dramas and Melody is watching all the older guys version. So I figure that she and I will meet halfway..! LOLz..

On late nights, we fought over the DVD player as I wanna watch Vampires Diaries Season 1 again and she wanna watch Bones Season. I often had to give in..and end up laughing and teasing the characters in the series with her.

Photo from the NET: Cast of Vampire Diaries

Photo from the NET : Cast of Bones (many seasons!)

Lately, she ask me about X Files with Scully and Mulder as in one of episodes in Bones, Booth talked about Agent Mulder and Scully. So I told her the plot is agent(Mulder is a guy) with Scully(the scientist) investigating strange or weird police cases that involve murder of the unnatural kind..more alien beings than supernatural vampire sort fiction. Along the long Seasons(many many episodes) both of them have feelings for each other but stubborn to admit it. Just like with Bones and Booth. Some under the mistletoe's and some kiss scenes here and there..the usual stuff.

You should see her eyes light up..and she ask : "Is it worth watching ? Do you think I can get the DVDs?"

And I said :

"Mulder is a little hot and handsome in his role in the drama. Scully is not pretty, nor sexy and I think her face is like a block head, too square. So now you are into Bones and Booth, comparatively, Mulder is not your type and Scully, is a sad story..!"

and Melody said

"ya ya, mom..I watch one episode of them in youtube..ya, Scully is square!...nah--..I don't think I wanna watch it. If you say its not nice"

She started on Bones after I told her about Bones. Since then, she is raving about them all the time. She would tell me about the show, and tell me about how Bones is or how Booth was in the show. And I know..and I was the only person who could relate to her and we shared a common thing. Because I was a loyal follower of Bones when it was first aired on Channel 5 at 11pm every Monday some years back. So I know the plot at the back of my hand.

We promised not to make fun of each other..of me watching teenage romance and for her to watch adult romance.

A long time ago, I have learned to loosen my apron strings. I don't hold on so tightly to it anymore. My girls proved to me that letting go was the right way to teach a child to behave. They never failed me and are honest and truthful about everything.

And I hope this goes on for a lifetime..and in time for them should they become parents to their own kids.

Thank God for my uncles..William(now in Canada), Daniel, Andrew and David(all in Singapore), for all my aunts who watches and loved me..cared for me all my days.