Mar 1, 2011

Growing Up..

FootLoose by Kenny Loggins..performed in the hit musical Foot Loose

I grew up in the 60s when all the R & B, Rock n Roll songs were on the rave on the radio everywhere. I can't remember how old I was back then, but when my Uncle Daniel was 21 years old, he had a smashing party. Uncle Daniel told us he was a member of a rock band in his younger days. My mom use to tell us he had a long queue of girl friends.

Here's the old foto in Black n white:

That's me on the left, the dress I wore was hand sewn by my mom. Shocking pink..! I remembered. My cousin John, on my side. And uncle Daniel..the star in his party. There were so much dancing, I remembered. We danced anyhow, any way we liked. Of course, its always been me and soul mate from my childhood days.

I grew up in those early years exposed to songs, and music all the time. My dad loves the movies from Hollywood so I had a fair share of Hollywood celebrities and only watch a movie if a celebrity is in it.

My relationship with my relatives are very close. My uncle Daniel was more uncle than anything else. He was my confidante and my friend. He allowed me to fiddle with his music tapes and his musical equipment, the stereos, the sound system. Seen here in another old foto with Uncle Daniel and me...

Now I am all grown, and whenever we have parties, its often celebrated in full swing and with Uncle Daniel too.

And I tell myself one day when I am old enough to be a mother, I would like to be my children's best friend where we shared movie tips and music we loved together.

Natasha is my first born, with whom we shared the same love for the same kind of music and the same movie flicks too. I used to watch musicals with her and also watch the same teenage love romance movies too. We all go ga-ga over Johnny Depp. But I was the first to discovered Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorshands and later as his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the series of Pirates in the Carribean. Then Natasha grew to love Johnny Depp and became one of his loyal and devoted fan in Asia. We watched all the old musicals together, over and over again. First as a family, then with her friends. From Oliver! to My Fair Lady, then to West Side Story and then to Grease. I would tell her stories of the days I watch these in my younger days.

Melody is my youngest daughter. She on the hand, follows what her sister watches..and so in a way, in tune with what I grew up watching and listening.

Melody is 12 going on 13 years old this year. She is all into 'older guys'. While her peers are watching teen movies and going ga ga over young boys, she, on the other hand was going for older men. She said they look more "hot" and more mature than all the childish boys her age.

At my age..almost hitting 50 years now..I moving backward in time. I am watching all the teen romance movies, dramas and Melody is watching all the older guys version. So I figure that she and I will meet halfway..! LOLz..

On late nights, we fought over the DVD player as I wanna watch Vampires Diaries Season 1 again and she wanna watch Bones Season. I often had to give in..and end up laughing and teasing the characters in the series with her.

Photo from the NET: Cast of Vampire Diaries

Photo from the NET : Cast of Bones (many seasons!)

Lately, she ask me about X Files with Scully and Mulder as in one of episodes in Bones, Booth talked about Agent Mulder and Scully. So I told her the plot is agent(Mulder is a guy) with Scully(the scientist) investigating strange or weird police cases that involve murder of the unnatural kind..more alien beings than supernatural vampire sort fiction. Along the long Seasons(many many episodes) both of them have feelings for each other but stubborn to admit it. Just like with Bones and Booth. Some under the mistletoe's and some kiss scenes here and there..the usual stuff.

You should see her eyes light up..and she ask : "Is it worth watching ? Do you think I can get the DVDs?"

And I said :

"Mulder is a little hot and handsome in his role in the drama. Scully is not pretty, nor sexy and I think her face is like a block head, too square. So now you are into Bones and Booth, comparatively, Mulder is not your type and Scully, is a sad story..!"

and Melody said

"ya ya, mom..I watch one episode of them in youtube..ya, Scully is square!...nah--..I don't think I wanna watch it. If you say its not nice"

She started on Bones after I told her about Bones. Since then, she is raving about them all the time. She would tell me about the show, and tell me about how Bones is or how Booth was in the show. And I know..and I was the only person who could relate to her and we shared a common thing. Because I was a loyal follower of Bones when it was first aired on Channel 5 at 11pm every Monday some years back. So I know the plot at the back of my hand.

We promised not to make fun of each other..of me watching teenage romance and for her to watch adult romance.

A long time ago, I have learned to loosen my apron strings. I don't hold on so tightly to it anymore. My girls proved to me that letting go was the right way to teach a child to behave. They never failed me and are honest and truthful about everything.

And I hope this goes on for a lifetime..and in time for them should they become parents to their own kids.

Thank God for my uncles..William(now in Canada), Daniel, Andrew and David(all in Singapore), for all my aunts who watches and loved me..cared for me all my days.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Bones is such a awesome show! Brennan is very pretty!

Alexia Tessier said...

I am awaiting for the releasing of Fifty shades Movie. and i watch Ian's work it is pretty awesome to see on the screen.
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