Feb 10, 2008

The Notebook

I watched this movie on Channel 5 today. It was a good movie..the kind you would like as it has a good ending. Not like the previous movie/novel by the same author who wrote "A Walk to Remember". Somehow the story line of The Notebook reminds me of my past love..someone I used to loved and had to let him go in the end. Sid and I were going on for 2 years. My cousins saw him regularly and always thought I was going to marry him some day. Much to their dismay, I dumped Sid in the end.

Sid was a good man. He remained truthful to me till the end of our relationship. But he couldn't settle down. At 27 years old back then, Sid was still finding his path, in choosing the right career he wanted. At times, he would just 'runaway' to unwind and I couldn't find him. Then suddenly he would ring me from a faraway land and said he is there on a mission trip. I cannot live with someone like this. All I wanted from him was security and assurance that he will be here for me when I needed him the most. Most of the times, he would leave me standing alone. I am tired of waiting for him to settle down. So after 2 years, I finally let him go.

And it was the best decision I have made in my entire life. It was through this, I met Benny. Through a blind date my best friend, Susie has set me up with! I was hopelessly devoted to being single all my life after Sid. I told myself I won't get involved romantically with anyone again. But Susie thought otherwise. Susie and I have been friends since our secondary school days. We were also neigbhours. She saw how the breakup tore me inside out. Made me a miserable person.

Benny was my dream come true. Someone I wanted for a long long time. God found him for me. After such a long wait. And I believe that God wanted to teach me to treasure Benny. Knowing Sid and loving Sid was a lesson in love God had planned for me. That I will learn to treasure my life ahead with Benny.

Some years ago during an office party, we had too much to drink and my dear eccentric friend Robert Z ask if we have to live our lives all over again, who would we choose to love and to marry again. I said " I would choose my life again, being me for all I am now..and to find Benny sooner and marry him sooner too!" Without a doubt.

I found this on youtube..on The Notebook.
I loved this now..going to get the DVD and watch it again!

Feb 4, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

Remembering the day Jing Jing came into our homes, into our lives..this little pup was just skin and bones. She was deprived of love and attention at her tender puppy age. No one love her or pay attention to her needs. Although she was not abandoned in the streets, she was rehomed in 5 places in 3 months. Poor little puppy.

see her here squeezing her way between the cage and the wall..that's only 4 inches in width!

and now, look at her..she's past 1 year last September. A sweet young thing, she is now.

She's happy with us. She is loved by all at home. And she has a big basket of stuffed toys and her chew toys too. Our neighbours like her too. She would greet everyone with vigorous wagging of her tail.

She hardly barks although once in awhile, she tries to pretend she is a big Dobermann guarding the house..she will give a loud, short Woof. But when anyone comes near, she bolts off in the other direction and hides behind our backs!

In so many ways, she reminds me of Beauty. And also in other days, she also shows me she's herself, not Beauty too. She's very sweet and loves to cuddle and would run up to you when you smiled at her.

This coming Chinese New Year will be her first CNY with us. It will be like the old days when Beauty used to be around. Kids come to play with the house dog and this house dog loves to play...

A good Start to 2008

Its already February the 4th today. I haven't been blogging since the start of the new year. I have never been so busy as a SAHM or Stay At Home Mom. Since I quit my MIS Managerial post with Batey Singapore in 2003, I have never been so tied up, tied down in trying to do so many things all at the same time!

But its a sign of good things to come, I guess. Better to be busy with stuff to do, things to plan then sit around and wait for cows to come home.

I have great plans for the future for Kitchen Capers and everything now seems to fit into place. I have made new friends, discard some old friends..but all is well.

Everyone at home seems happier. My mom is grumbling less. Benny seems to be more cheerful lately. Even Jing Jing our sheltie seems more joyous.

So yesterday I took some time to try out my mom's pineapple tarts recipe on some new tart moulds I got. Benny bought a box to the office today and he rang me to say they all loved it. I may need to bake more tonight as he wants to bring more to the office tomorrow..here's what I did today