Feb 4, 2008

A good Start to 2008

Its already February the 4th today. I haven't been blogging since the start of the new year. I have never been so busy as a SAHM or Stay At Home Mom. Since I quit my MIS Managerial post with Batey Singapore in 2003, I have never been so tied up, tied down in trying to do so many things all at the same time!

But its a sign of good things to come, I guess. Better to be busy with stuff to do, things to plan then sit around and wait for cows to come home.

I have great plans for the future for Kitchen Capers and everything now seems to fit into place. I have made new friends, discard some old friends..but all is well.

Everyone at home seems happier. My mom is grumbling less. Benny seems to be more cheerful lately. Even Jing Jing our sheltie seems more joyous.

So yesterday I took some time to try out my mom's pineapple tarts recipe on some new tart moulds I got. Benny bought a box to the office today and he rang me to say they all loved it. I may need to bake more tonight as he wants to bring more to the office tomorrow..here's what I did today

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