Feb 10, 2008

The Notebook

I watched this movie on Channel 5 today. It was a good movie..the kind you would like as it has a good ending. Not like the previous movie/novel by the same author who wrote "A Walk to Remember". Somehow the story line of The Notebook reminds me of my past love..someone I used to loved and had to let him go in the end. Sid and I were going on for 2 years. My cousins saw him regularly and always thought I was going to marry him some day. Much to their dismay, I dumped Sid in the end.

Sid was a good man. He remained truthful to me till the end of our relationship. But he couldn't settle down. At 27 years old back then, Sid was still finding his path, in choosing the right career he wanted. At times, he would just 'runaway' to unwind and I couldn't find him. Then suddenly he would ring me from a faraway land and said he is there on a mission trip. I cannot live with someone like this. All I wanted from him was security and assurance that he will be here for me when I needed him the most. Most of the times, he would leave me standing alone. I am tired of waiting for him to settle down. So after 2 years, I finally let him go.

And it was the best decision I have made in my entire life. It was through this, I met Benny. Through a blind date my best friend, Susie has set me up with! I was hopelessly devoted to being single all my life after Sid. I told myself I won't get involved romantically with anyone again. But Susie thought otherwise. Susie and I have been friends since our secondary school days. We were also neigbhours. She saw how the breakup tore me inside out. Made me a miserable person.

Benny was my dream come true. Someone I wanted for a long long time. God found him for me. After such a long wait. And I believe that God wanted to teach me to treasure Benny. Knowing Sid and loving Sid was a lesson in love God had planned for me. That I will learn to treasure my life ahead with Benny.

Some years ago during an office party, we had too much to drink and my dear eccentric friend Robert Z ask if we have to live our lives all over again, who would we choose to love and to marry again. I said " I would choose my life again, being me for all I am now..and to find Benny sooner and marry him sooner too!" Without a doubt.

I found this on youtube..on The Notebook.
I loved this now..going to get the DVD and watch it again!



Hi Gini

That was a very interesting extract to read on and what a beautiful answer you gave in the end..Benny would feel so proud and happy!!
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Sorry Gina
Just noticed I mistyped your name...so sorry!!

KWF said...

Gina, our past romance is always sth we'll remember, even though we do not love our ex now. I think given a choice, I'll still choose the same path as what I've gone through, coz it's these past experiences that made the "me" today. I'll try to catch that movie too. ;)

Sugarcraft India said...

Gina you can write to me at

and thanks for your lovely comment :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,
Glad you found yr true love. If I could ever go back and change my past I would do so in a heartbeat, I will go thru life minus all the boyfriends I had, minus the heartaches and just wait patiently for this man that I finally got married to. Mine is a treasure too.
May our good Lord bless us all abundantly,

Anonymous said...

Hi Gini
You are lucky to have found true love. Now a days, its so difficult to find one..it's all oppurtinism and supposition. May you always be happy !
Author Unknown

Yuri said...

Hi Gina, that's so sweet. May God continue to bless you abundantly as you continue to spread joy among the people you meet. Thanks for the guidance. Adeline

Rei said...

Hi Gina

You've been tagged. :)

esther said...

Hi Gina

Rei has tagged you, so am I! :-P

Btw, your love story touched my heart. but glad that u found your true love.

all the best for your china trip.