Dec 30, 2010

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas sung by Bon Jovi. I particularly like this version than the solemn one that the late Jim Reeves used to sing

What did you do this Christmas eve 2010? I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, your closest friends and your loved ones. My Christmas was spent like a yearly ritual of food and presents with my relatives. But it paused me to think about the first Christmas I had with Benny.

That was way back in 1986. I was then staying with my mom and the usuals was a home party with food cooked by several aunts and uncles and nieces or cousins. And the merry making of wine and drinks, desserts and cakes. Not forgetting, the presents under the tree.

But it was a quiet one for me. As Benny had to work on Christmas eve. Being in the retail line, he stayed till store closing and by the time they counted the money, close the shop and clean up a fair bit, he came to have Christmas with me...alone.

I remembered my uncle Wong asking me "Where is Benny? Isn't he coming?"

and I said with a bit of solemness in my voice

"He has to work. But he will come later..."

And Uncle Wong said "Then you better keep all the choice cuts of the Roast Beef, the juicy tender chunks of the Roast turkey for him. I think he would like that"

Uncle Wong is my mom's brother in law. And someone I adored and look up to for many years. I was his little flower girl when he walked down the aisle with my auntie some donkey years ago. For years, Uncle Wong doted on me and treated me like his very own. He saw me grew up, and I doted on his 3 children and treated them like my very own siblings. We were a very close knitted family of relatives.

And so it was...all my Christmas spent was spent with my extended families. For years, Benny was never around with me on Christmas Eve. In the recent years, as he rises through the ranks, he was able to go off from work and was able to spend Christmas Eve with the family.

But this year, he was tired and sick. So he stayed at home...and waited for me to return home with packed leftovers of the family feasting.

When we opened shop last year, I wanted our shop to close early on Christmas Eve. And without fail, we continue to do so this year. We had customers ringing us and showing displeasure over the phone and some even berated me for closing early.

On a happier note, this is what I did for Christmas with my family this year

American Carrot Cupcakes with Orange laced Cream Cheese Frosting
Black Pepper Chicken Pies

And had made extras to give to my neighbhours too...

Here's wishing you a Merry Happy and Joyous Christmas with EVERYONE at home and those aboard and A Very Blessed New Year too!

Dec 19, 2010

Simply LOVE

"Try to Remember" Sung by The Brothers Four

After my pineapple tarts class yesterday at Robinsons, I woke up this morning..tired and completely drained. Then Benny told me he didn't have to work today. And ask what I would be cooking for lunch or dinner today. I told him I have to go to the shop to work. And I lamented how exhausted I was having to stand from noon to 8pm yesterday. Although the class starts from 2pm and ended at 6pm, I was there at 1pm to prep the place and had to clean up before I leave.

Seeing my tired and almost 'passion-drained' soul, he said this to me:

"I would take your place in the shop today. You stayed at home to rest. And let's go to the market to buy groceries to cook for lunch and dinner tonight"

So I got off to change and left the house without bringing my purse with me. In the car, he continue to say:

"Its been such a long time we go shopping together or even just to buy food together. "

and I said :

"Yes, we are so busy working. You are always rushing in and out for work. I was busy at the store, or teaching."

Then at the wet market, he survey the vegetable section, while I follow close behind. Like a little puppy, following her owner, I felt like that at that moment. Then as always, he would say "How about cooking this with that? I want to eat this and that." And for me, it was always "yes..whatever you like, dear. I'll cook, we eat"

Then he goes to pick and pay for the items..and gave me money to go to the hawker centre to buy breakfast. Then while I was waiting for the food and paying up, he would catch up with me there. And carry all my little bags of bee hoon or nasi lemak.

Then in our short car ride home, he would tell me how much he appreciated me for the little things I do for him, the sacrifices I had to make for him.

It was a simple gesture, just a 15 or 20 minutes ride to the market and a little shopping here and there. But in this short half an hour or so, he once again renewed this love we have for each other.

Remember what I wrote about our Wedding anniversary and about celebrating it? Well, this is what we do its like having our wedding anniversary every day, EVERY Moment, and Every BREATH we take together.

The simpliest thing here is the Simply Love and Devotion we have for each other...

So for lunch today, he says in a just.."just eat our breakfast meals from the coffee your energy for dinner. Go and rest..and I will go to the shop later.."

My love tank filled to the brim, my passion charged and my devotion for him, RENEWED.