Mar 8, 2008

Traffic jam

I saw Dr Chew yesterday after getting my CT scans from the Changi hospital. And he had to examine my wound..then he exclaimed loudly "Wah, Gina, traffic jam lah!" He is joking with me about the number of lines or past healing of incision wounds on my body.

sigh.... I am going to add another 'road' to that valley of traffic jams next month. How did the 'roads' got there? Let me count thy ways:

1. at age 6 months old sometime in late 1963, my first operation done on my chest, rib cage.
2. Above my right eye, on the forehead..7 stitches before I fell and hit the side of the kitchen cabinet.
3. 3 stitches below my chin, I fell again. At age 6 years old and the button from my PJ got caught on my chin. Removing the button and stitching it up.
4. I had done corrective surgery on my eyes for squint eyes. No scars. But left with many weird dreams, nightmares that my late granny had to spend many nights with me in the hospital.
5. I had a knee cap operation at age 18years. I couldn't stand up after going to the toilet. in those days, its those squatting toilet. I squatted and couldn't get up. The ambulance came for that position, I was carted embarassing!
6. The birth of my 2 daughters via c-section in 1990 and later in 1998 due to complications in birth.
7. Removal of the gall bladder in 1995
8. In 2007, for appendix.
9..pending in April 2008.

okay, I used up all my 9 lives..what's next?

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