Mar 31, 2008

Humble Rice

I went to Guangzhou, China in January. Together with Aunty Monica. It was both a biz trip and a break for me. We spent 8 days there. While Aunty did her shopping for new toys for her shops, I just tag along most of the times.

I didn't really spent all my money on things I bought. But decided to buy the Guangzhou fried rice from the restaurant and some other stuff for a lady who was seen begging on the streets every night.

Every night without fail, she would sit on a piece of cloth which she laid out. And with her, her 2 young boys would sit there and play by themselves.

They wore thick clothes, sweaters but didn't have any socks or gloves/mittens and the older boy was having a running nose.

Every night we would see her begging for just a few coins.

I decided to part with some of my money and gave them a nice warm meal. I also gave them 200 RMB which is about S$40. Its not much to us, Singaporeans..I mean S$40.

I bought for them a 4 persons portion of fried rice, vegetables, Roast pork. 2 loaves of freshly baked bread(from a bakery nearby), some hot warm Mantou, 2 lollypops for the 2 boys and a big bunch of apples, pears.

the younger boy was shivering in the cold. His hands were so cold and I think he's numb of it. I was seen squatting down to rub his cold hands. Passer-bys saw me, must be thinking I was mad. I get many curious stares too.

The young lady told me her hubby was an odd job labourer and was killed last December when the goods from the lorry fell and killed him. By day, she leaves her boys with neighbours and goes out to find work. She said she has no skills whatsoever. By night, she takes them home and brings out to beg in the streets.

My heart goes out to them. There are probably hundreds of such poor people scattered all over China. I know I cannot help everyone, but I know I can pray for them. And when I left them I told her that tomorrow I will fly home to Singapore. And should I return again in 6 months time, I hope not to see her here begging again. I wished her luck that she finds a job somehow to feed her boys and sends them to school. The lady was in tears and we parted with a warm handshake and I gave her boys a big hug.

Then this reminds me so much of how Buay used to tell me of such stories in China. How she wanted to give her life to open a school in Anhui, China to teach these ladies basic English. So that they can find jobs in the city or town.

Now whenever I cook this Guangzhou Fried Rice, I am reminded of the blessings I have, the abundance God has given to me. As many as in millions that are suffering and without food or shelter.

Give thanks for what you have. And this year, pray for the millions who are still in need.

God bless all..

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