Mar 8, 2008

Not so happy anniversary

You would think that one celebrates an anniversary to remind oneself of a year's past of good memories, of good friendship and love amongst friends..but today, marks the 1st year since Beauty's passing. I have 100s of her photos everywhere in the house, in the computers and even in my mobile phone. But for this post today, I chose to put up a hand drawn photo of my best friend's SG's sheltie by the name of Becky.

This was drawn by yours truly, 1984. A year after dog has 'committed suicide' because she was so upset when SG's mom passed away. Poor old Becky, she just couldn't understand why the old lady left her without saying good bye. The old dog bit her tongue and died beside the bed of the old lady's. The dog was loyal and most affectionate. I remembered Becky as a loving dog who would often be seen sitting next to dear Auntie when she is watching TV or folding clothes after its been dried.

In many ways, Beauty was like that too. Loyal and affectionate. Just like old Becky too. Sigh...a year has passed. And I don't think I have given up on old faithful because I still owe Dr Lee a CD of photos of Beauty. And I haven't done anything about it yet. It was just too painful to go thru her photos. Looking at how cheery she used to be, the kind of puppy that anyone would love to have. She was such a joy to us. She brings so much laughter in the house with her curious stares and the way she dances around just to please us.

When Melody was very young, she loves to dance while watching Hindi movies. And Beauty would mimic her too. I managed to capture those funny moments on video. But I am just too teary-eyed to show it online.

The girls don't talk about Beauty as much as before. But I still do. Sometimes, just out of the blue. Coz it seems like only yesterday she was gone..gone from our lives, gone forever.

May you rest in peace and know that I have always thought of you..ALWAYS..!

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Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hello Gina

I can understand your pain and feeling of loss.. May Beauty rest in peace !!!