Mar 18, 2008

What did I missed?

Nobody will think they would miss the stressful place they once worked in. But I am one such strange creature. I missed my old work desk at Jardine Fleming..look at my mess! I work long days and nights. Covering 60 hours per week. The only times its empty like this is when the boss made me fly to ASEAN countries. Its no wonder that the boss made me Employee of the Year, every other year!

I missed late uncle Daniel Chen, the man standing at the back row. next to him was my auntie Katherine.

I will NEVER get the chance to eat this again! Buttered Crayfish by the late Brother Willie from Goshen Restaurant used to cook this just for me. Whenever I visited Goshen Restaurant. He passed away suddenly in April 2006. Collapsed in the hospital.

My extended family in Malaysia. My cousin's wife, kids and mother in law. My sweet and lovely Malay if we were sisters lost in another world and time..happiest moments spend in June 2006. Later that year, my uncle passed away. He was my dad's long lost brother.

My beautiful African Black Oscars fishes.. sigh...raised from tiny fries to their gigantic sizes. They suddenly died on me when the maid splashed soapy water into the sponge she uses to scrub the tanks..they all died from the toxin, poisons.

My dear Auntie Katherine. Thankfully, she is coming to visit soon. Next month.

I hope no misses this year...and nothing to show..

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