Mar 3, 2011

Baby, you can drive my Car..

Drive my Car sung by The Beatles

Yesterday Benny gave up his Honda MPV and drove home a new car from FIAT Motors. We went to view it soon after Chinese New Year as we have been planning to buy a new car. Couple of things crossed our minds about getting the ideal car.

It has to be big, inside out. Just like the MPV. It must be able to ferry at least 6 persons comfortably behind(not counting the driver and his queen) LOLz! And it must have leg-room, it must have room for our stock and stuff, shopping bags and to fit our dog Jing Jing.

Tall order?? Maybe. He took a day's leave last week and took me out on a window shopping shop for a car. Okay, I can't drive, never will. Due to my knee injury years ago which I had surgery done on it. I could never run due to this injury. I could not even kneel. My left knee is swollen to this date. My right seems normal. Sometimes I walk with a limp. When I get out of a car, my left knee comes out first..but it could not stand..several nerve ending on it have been severed. If I put pressure on it, I won't feel anything, but I may fall because its weak. With age, its worse.

For a long time, Benny has been my chauffeur, if he can't, he gives me money for taxi. And he once told Natasha that when she is old enough, he will pay for her driving lessons. And when she passes her tests and certified to be driver, one of the things she must promised is always to be there at my beck and drive me around.

Even when we were dating, and I have to go home myself after meeting him(as he has to go back to work) he would never allow me to take a bus. He would wait in line for a taxi with me and send me off with money in my hands to pay for the journey home.

So when he said he wants me to tag along to view a car, I told him :

"I can't drive. I don't know anything about cars. I am just a passenger in it. You go and choose what you like, make sure its comfortable for the driver. That's important."

But Benny said :

"Buying a car is like buying a second home. Everything I buy or do, you are a part of it. I want you to come and see."

So off we went..and saw this car. There were 2 models, a cheaper one and a more costly one. He was trying to save money but I could see that he didn't like it very much. The driver seat area was cramp and small. After much test driving at the showroom, I pull him aside and said

"Ben, buy the bigger one. the more expensive one. You are the one driving, you must feel good about it. If you are happy, I am happy. Sure, its more expensive. We can scrimp and save a bit here and there. At our age, we should live like half a millionaire, not a full pauper."

So its settled..we signed, sealed the deal and bought a FIAT Doblo 1.6cc. The interior was Maroon..the dash board, etc. KC corporate colour. The car will be Metallic Silver. And it will be registered to me..aka Kitchen Capers. Our very first company car.

A proud moment for us..our first shop in May 2009, our first Company car by March 2011.

Here's how it looks like :

Outside my mom's place..we drove it there to show her.

Parked downstairs of our apartment..

The registration shows Kitchen Capers..but I blur out the address as it shows our residence address. KC was registered in the beginning as a SOHO(Home Business). A year later we open shop.

Incidentally, I noticed that our car plate reads as GBC 722k. Jokingly I told Benny its a short name for "Gina Benny Car"

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