Mar 17, 2011

All the Bliss...

So Happy Together sung by The Turtles(Group/Band singers)

Finally, my ultimate wedding cake recipe and photo went to print..on a local wedding magazine called "Blissful Brides" at the start of the new year 2011.

Here is the write up(a little on it) from Blissful Brides blog

Here's all the photos I took of the pages in the magazine. If you want to read the full story, go and get the magazine. Its available from Borders, MPH, Cold Storage Supermarkets, Jason's (mostly the town or CBD areas).

Its at Pages 522 to 524. Title of the article was "Baking Your Own Wedding Cake"

They published the photo which Natasha took when we attended Ru-shin's wedding.

The article was written by my baking student who happens to be a guest writer for the magazine. She send me a questionaire sort and I just answer it with loads of references and photos. They re-written it like a story rather than a Sunday Times sort of article where I was interviewed with a Q n A.

The various cakes and photos are not mine. They took it from their stash of good wedding photos. But the Sweet Cherries Fairy Cake photo was from me. Along with the recipe.

I email Ru Shin immediately...she was thrilled..! It was a cake I baked, decorated with lots of love. From the early memories of watching Ru-shin as a child, watching her grow. From a tiny toddler to a beautiful woman. Its almost like watching my own daughter growing up, getting hitched and settling down.

In the article, I shared that every cake you bake, must be treated with lots of love, attention and devotion. As if its a cake you are baking for someone closed to your heart. Even though you are baking for your clients/customers. Because every cake is unique, as every newly wedded couple has a unique love story.

This is why the publishers loved my story...and had it re-written properly with all the right grammer and spelling.

Enjoy..go and get a copy to read.

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