Jul 19, 2010

Waiting and watching...

Lyrics of the christian hymn : Lifetime Loving You(Translated from the Chinese singing)

So precious, my Jesus,
how sweet and pure is Your love.
You have drawn me deeper in love with You,
my joy is filled loving You.
With all my love, i will worship You.
With all my life, glorify Your name.
i give my life, never turn away.
i will love You all my days.

Benny has been working round the clock. Not just for the company he is working with, but also trying to find time with me. As much as I wanted him to be by my side, I had to allow him the rest he needed running around so many places in a day.

For the last couple of days, I work alone in the shop. I closed the shop myself. And went home alone. And he is at work still. And he would ring me from work and check if I was safely home. And would ask me about my day at the shop. Waiting and watching over me from afar.

On Saturday(17 July 2010), our girls helped out at the store. He has to return to work so he fetched me to the store at 7pm. After we closed the store, I took the girls for a buffet dinner. Right into our main course, he rang me to say :

"I am in a Road Accident. I knocked down a motorcyclist. He's going to the hospital and I am to go to the Police station to make a report"

My heart sank! And I ask if he was okay. He said he was okay. Then he hung up.

I told the girls..and we were all worried for him.
Then I sms him and ask "Is the guy badly injured? Are you ok?"

He replied "I am ok. No Blood, the guy is conscious. I think should be fine".

In unison, my girls and I send him an sms saying this :

"Everything will be okay. I love you!"

When he came back on Saturday, he looked tired and a bit disillusioned. He came and ask me for a hug. Which I gladly gave him because he needed it. And he tells me he was worried and tired and didn't had his dinner. So I missed a couple of minutes watching "Bones" on Channel 5 and cook Kway Teow soup for him.

The next day, the girls went to church, and I got up early again and cook a wholesome warm lunch for him. After lunch he went back to bed. I went to the shop alone and again close the shop alone again.

When I came home, he has left the house already..to work. And as always, I stay up late watching re-runs on DVD so I can be kept awake to wait for him.

He came home at around 12:40am. And I had brewed some tonic for him. He lovingly ask me about my day at the shop. If I had met any difficult customers or had any problems. Its a point I learnt over time never to question him about his work. He feels frustrated talking about work at home. He just want to go home, unwind and nothing about work from the office.

I told him I prayed for his safety and God will keep him safe. Which He did. Almost all the accidents he got into, Benny often comes home a bit shaken at first..and not a single scratch or mark on his body. And the folks he accidentally hit, were also safe and sound..maybe a bit shaken from the initial shock 'treatment'. No injuries of any kind.

For the Lord, our God is merciful, His grace endures forever. For as long as we live on earth, we shall give Praise to His name. Because it is Him and only Him that sees us through each day of our lives. And He alone decides who, when and how of things should happen.

I prayed everyday for them (Benny, my girls) for their safety outside, where I cannot see them or watch over them in a distance. That only God can. And everyday, every moment, God assures me again and again and answers my prayers daily.


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Mrs Ivy Ong said...

God is always good. When i read your post, I'm so encouraged. I do praise and thank God everyday for my husband as well. I believed that our husbands who love us unconditionally are divinely arranged by God. Let's keep on praising God for this and keep pressing in prayers for our husbands and children too. God Bless you all.

Gina Choong said...

Hi Mrs Ivy Ong

Thank you for your kind words. I edited my post again and read the last paragraph. A post I wrote some time ago..how many close shaves with death God help us to cheat...lost count..but that one was really scary. It shook the whole house.