Oct 20, 2007

Flowers for my mom

My mom's birthday is on the 5th December. But we decided to bring forward the celebration today as she is going for surgery next weekend(27 October). She wanted to enjoy good food now or she will not be able to eat many things after the surgery.

We took her out for a chinese restaurant for dinner. My sis ordered a 3D fancy cake for her. Its shaped as a Hamburger. Its very cute.

I baked a Dried Cherries Yogurt Sponge cake today. And covered it with fondant. I hand crafted each flower and leaves in sugar paste and decorated the cake like a gift box that was covered with flowers, vines and leaves. And had it bow-tied with a pretty purple ribbon.

my mom was surprised with the special cake. She said it was very pretty and could not bear to slice it up. So we ate the hamburger cake instead.

She will save it for tomorrow..hopefully to have it with her younger sister,(my aunt Aileen).

here's the flower cake I made. My mom will be 73 years old this Dec 2007. Here's to many more years to come..ma!

Here's the 3D Hamburger cake my sister ordered for her

Mom blowing out the candles

My dad and my mom..

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Very sweet...nice pics too!!