Nov 19, 2007

Climb every mountain

I thought I have done with mountain climbing. To me, mountain climbing is not only a sport but something very difficult. No, no, I am not into mountain climbing. Never climb one in my life. Maybe one day I will. The so-called mountain climbing I am talking about is surviving a medical illness or surgery.

Early this month, on the 1st November 2007, I was admitted to Changi Hospital at 2am on 1st November due to severe stomach pains. I had a very high fever the night before. There were no symptoms of any ill-health. So I thought it was just fever for a cold. The next thing, I am in the hospital. The doctors had to run several tests on me to find out the cause of the pain. It was so painful that I was perspiring in cold sweat. Leaving me so weak that I couldn't even stand up properly. I felt like fainting.

After a series of blood tests, urine tests and a final CT Scan, they say "Oh Mdm Choong, I think you got acute appendicities". It was only until 8pm on 1st Nov that I was wheeled in for the surgery. Imagine going on without any painkillers from 2am, 1 November till 8pm same day!

by then, this was how I felt like...

I quickly sent a sms to my friend, Sheryl and ask her to inform the folks at my forum. Soon, I started to get more sms from well meaning friends, biz associates who wrote to say " Gina, don't worry, we will pray for you. "

It was during the surgery, the doctors found that my appendix has ALREADY RUPTURED! And pus flows out and started to infect the surrounding area.

After the surgery, I was still experiencing the pains. And the pain wasn't on the appendix but the packets upon packets of drips I had. Then the food I have taken before going to the hospital was stuck in the intestines and unable to pass out. So they inserted a long tube thru my nose, pass my throat and straight into my gut and stomach to extract some 2 litres of smelly poo, secretions.

The pain was unbearable, there were moments I felt like dying..
But when I thought about how my mom at her ripe old age of 70 plus could survive hers, I think I can do better.

So I pushed on..the nurses could not give me anything orally or I will throw up. The only way in, was through the drip and both hands are 3 drips on each side. I look like a Frankenstein's monster strapped to the table for experiments!

My sms were sharp, short..half the time I had to type using one finger..the rest will be swollen.

I come home, now, safe and sound. Showing evidence of the pain I have been thru, the amount of tiny holes on both my hands, arms, blue-black marks from blood tests etc.

Well, another mountain climbed. Another great testimony for God's glory of how He has watched over me in my time of pain and need.


KWF said...

Gina, glad that all the tortues are over for you. Hope you'll recover well now!

Chawanmushi said...

Dear Gina
When you come out tops after so much pain, I'm sure you'll be the stronger of it. Thank God who has looked after you always. I rejoice that you are well again :-)