May 12, 2008

All that glitters...

Hubby ask me for a special 3D cake for his office since last week. I was unable to do anything as all my teaching aid and tools have gone to factory which I was scheduled to do a Cake decoration class. So he had to patiently wait till the class is over.

I spent much time surfing the NET for ideas and decided to go for something simple and yet appealing to men. A Pirate's treasure chest. Filled with chocolate gold coins.

Baking the cake was easy. Its constructing it and making the final touches that took me some time to get it right. In the process, I learnt new things about assembling this cake.

Like which section to start first, how to assemble all the parts and how to make the coins look like its bursting from the box.

Overall, hubby said the gold trimmings look like real. the wood finish look almost like wood too. I just did some marbling effect on brown gel on white fondant.

In 2 weeks time, I have re-constructed this again. But it will be round, in the shape of girlie's musical box for Melody's 10th Birthday party! Wish me luck! I need lots of it..and I hope the weather is hot so that the fondant dries up really well.

up close and personal...


lilyng said...


a job really well done.

i am taking this opportunity to thank you for the gift you sent me.

thank you

gina said...

aunty lily
thank you for dropping by my blog. It has no recipes here..only thoughts and my ramblings. I already have KC which is a treasure trove of recipes. There is a saying or proverb I once saw in a gift shop and it says 'Love isn't Love till you give it away'. :)

Yuri said...

Hey Gina, nice looking treasure chest, I'm sure it's full of treasure and lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina, this is fantastic! :)

chumpman said...

Wow ! I thought it was a porcelain treasure chest. You are really talented and skilled, clap hands for you, gina !