May 18, 2008

Pass the Salt

I was commissioned to teach at a secondary school again. This time I was teaching them some Basic fundamentals in culinary arts and cooking. This class proves to be a real challenge. We had more boys than girls. And I had a really hard time on the first day, or least during the first 2 hours trying to get their attention.

But once the practical starts, the class was a joy to teach. While some are very attentive, the rest aren't. But this is life..everywhere you go, the people you meet..some will listen to you, others won't.

And as always there will be students I have that will give me the most headaches, or that I have been warned of their behaviour. After a day with them, I find them to be the best students I have. Because besides being 'naughty' and really 'cheeky', the food they cook are the most presentable and also the tastiest!

One thing that my students keep yelling in my ears was "TEACHER! You FORGOT TO ADD SALT!!!" I show them how to cook with no salt or very minimal salt. And food still tastes good.

Then we got creative and used the leftover spring roll skins to make "French Fries"..and the boys toss it with pepper and salt. While some tossed it with sugar..the rest add that as a garnishing to the Indonesian Fried Rice.

I am happy...after the first day, I look forward to seeing them again.

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