Jun 3, 2008

I wish for...

Natasha took this photo. At first, she thought it look under exposed as it was broad daylight when the photo was taken. Later, when I look at it again, I think it was perfect. Perfect because she captured that moment of me, lighting each candle.

This was the cake that all of us made or constructed together for Melody's 10th Birthday. All of us are Natasha, Melody and myself. It was fun for the girls and a great time we have spent bonding with each other. All the laughter, joy and excitement we had trying to piece together the cake.

Along the way, Melody got 'naughty' and played with the icing. Natasha had fun taking candid shots of her.

And this is what I wish for, for us..that we shared every moment of time together as a family. Doing things together, having fun without restrictions. And collecting memories along the way.

So to all who comes here to read this..enjoy your family while you can. Each day brings new hope, new dreams and aspirations. Live your day like its your last. Enjoy it like there is no tomorrow. Because in time to come, my little girl Melody will outgo birthday parties at home. And be like her sister, Natasha who celebrates birthdays with her friends !!

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