Jun 25, 2008

A wedding to remember

When will you ever get a chance to attend a chinese wedding banquet and dress in Black? When you are invited to attend your favourite uncle's wedding.

And that was almost a decade ago when our dearest uncle Andrew got hitched. All his nephews, nieces along with their respective spouses join together and wore Black, Black, Black! Much to the dismay of Uncle's in-laws, thinking that we are most disrespectful bunch. But Uncle knew its not the end of the joke.

We poked fun at him, teased him and rally around him. He was our bestest of best Uncle, most loved and adored because he loved us all, individually. And gave each and everyone of us his undivided love and attention.

It was a day of fun for us..the younger nephews and nieces stood on chairs to yum cha with him and his wife, the rest of us cheer with him, teased him so much that even my mom was embarassed too!

There was so much laughter and giggles that our sides ached. It was a wedding to remember...for him and Auntie and also for everyone at home!

May you have many many more wonderful and blissful years together, uncle Andrew and auntie Ai Hua

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