Jul 4, 2008

Ding Dong the bells go ringing...

Today I had a private class at home where I taught 2 sisters how to bake a cake and decorated for their niece's wedding this Sunday, 6th July. I shared with them my favourite recipe which is the Cranberry Yogurt cake. But change the yogurt and added Bailey Cream instead.

So the bottom tier cake was made with Bailey Cream, Cranberries and it was rich and flavourful. The whole kitchen smells of sweet cranberries and bailey cream.

While waiting for the cake to cool, they also had a free lesson on how to cook the Guangzhou Fried Rice and got a tasting of my signature recipe for Nasi lemak sambal chilli with ikan bilis. I also cooked Sayur lodeh(curry vegetables) for them. It was the healthy version which I use fresh ingredients to make the rempah(curry paste) and only Evaporated milk to cook the curry gravy.

After lunch, we settled down to talk about dogs and life..Then I fed them with Pomerganate Soy Milk Ice Cream that was topped with strawberries, granola for desserts.

When their bellies are filled and happy..we started working on the fondant and picking the flavours and colours to mix. They wanted pink as their niece loved pink. Since we bake 3 cakes, the last cake was covered in fresh cream that was tinted in pastel blue.

This, they say, will be brought home and eaten straightaway..as evidence of the labour of love they have done for their niece.

I think they did a good job..because anything you done out of love for someone, is the best gift in the world. That no money can buy.

Congratulations to the happy couple(which I do not know their names!)

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