Jul 7, 2008

impulsive buying

I was in Hong Kong last month..on holiday with the family and visiting my aunt and my uncle. We didn't do much shopping as expected. Until one of the days when my uncle brought us to Ladies Market. And I saw that there are stalls selling counterfeit Hello Kitty bakeware and also Pooh bear stuff. So I just bought a few to give to my friends in Singapore.

On the last day, hours before we leave for the airport, we took a taxi to SOGO at Causeway Bay and did a bit of last minute shopping. This is what I called IMPULSIVE SHOPPING! I don't know why I buy these. I don't regret buying it. Just that I can't sell it. Maybe I will give some away to my loyal students who attends all my classes and never ask for discount!

And others I will probably wait for some birthday and give it away.

I will be going to Guangzhou this Thursday..I must restrain myself from this impulsive buying!!!!

Lilo and Stitch Cookie cutters and stamp
Winnie the pooh Pudding tin cups..3 different facial expressions

Honestly I have no idea which cartoon character this belongs to! I thought it looked cute and it was something I could bargain with so I bargain and bargain and just got one of each. I think it was the thrill of getting it at the price I wanted that made me buy it!

and all these silicone trays/moulds were just for me.! This is a diamond shape ice cube mould..

the beautiful silicone moulds for making chocolates or ice cubes

This was pure vanity! Pooh bear cake box with tray for a 7 inch cake. a Chocolate mould for making Tigger, Piglet, Pooh bear and Eeyore chocolates. Buy first, think later!

This is for Melody..she wanted this to make her own ice lolly on a stick. I showed this to my supplier for silicones in Singapore. They will try to source this for me to sell at KC online store! happiness~~

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