Jul 20, 2008

Where's my cake?

sigh..if you could hear me sigh... it's a very loud you know.. As I started to collect photos of wedding cakes I have made or taught my students to decorate, it suddenly dawned on me that I never had a wedding cake made specially for my wedding some 18 years ago.


There was a 3 tier wedding cake at the chinese restaurant where we held our dinner. That was a fake one just for photography. The guests were each given a fruitcake wrapped in foil and it had a gold ribbon tied to it. That's the cake.

At that time, I guess, I wasn't into cakes and didn't see the joy of having to look at it in years to come. Even at the wedding reception we had, there was NO cake!

They say as you aged, you see the world differently and wants more things you may never want when you were younger. I guess its true now for me. Oh dear! Did I just aged 10 times? Good grief!

Yesterday I had a cake decoration class at home. When my students left, my 2 daughters wanted to play with the fondant too. In the process of learning and bonding, hubby came and sat down with us..giving all sorts of wise ideas of how we should decorated a cake.

The girls made this with the leftover cupcakes from class.

Natasha tried her hand at making roses with fondant.. then her daddy came and commented that its not up to the mark! Natasha told her dad, "well, its my first rose. So its not as professional as mummy's one!" And its nice knowing that he appreciates the ones I made.

Then I reminded him we had no wedding cake on our wedding day! And then he said "But we have each other. Isn't that enough?"

Well, it is.. It more than enough. We have blessed each other over the years, with more love than anyone has come to know. Sure, we have the usual petty fights. But hubby stood by me in all and everything I wanted to do, trying to do or have done. Whether it was the right thing or the wrong thing. In return of his unfailing love and attention, I stood by him all these years. When he worked late and was never around when we had family parties, sometimes even on the eve of Christmas, I had to let him go to work. Yet, I have never question him or bored with family details. I go to great lengths to learn to cook the food he loved and the comfort food he grew up on. The food his mother did best. I mastered it all.

Yes, now I am contented. I have my cake and I have eaten it too!

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