Jul 12, 2008

no bags, no card!

The latest thing now in Guangzhou is No Bags. Means you go shopping with your back pack or your handbag and please bring along your own bag! In the effort to save the Earth, the shopping malls now sell their stuff without giving you a bag.

Yesterday I went to a supermarket and the cashier ask if I have a bag. I said NO coz I am a tourist here. Then she says "$1 please". I have to pay $1 for every bag I used. So I ask her to put all my stuff in one bag.

And just now, I was at Beijing Road(a favourite shopping area with the locals here). I bought a card reader and wanted to pay by Credit Card, then the cashier said "Sorry, no cards allowed"

Luckily I had brought enough cash out or I have leave the place empty handed.

Well, lesson learnt. Next time bring more Cash out and bring a large bag along too!

And look what I bought ...cookie jars. Which I loved to collect although I don't put any cookies in them! Well, if anyone wants this, write to me. I can get it for them. I hope to be able to sell this online at my KC store soon.

This kitty car cookie jar is so beautiful. Well, you don't have to put cookies for humans. You can use it to store your kitty's dry food.

Remember that old nursery rhyme we had to recite as a kid?
There was an old lady, who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn't what to do..

I love this..its so cute!

And this..I know my mom would love it too. My mom loves giant cookie jars. I got her one years ago. And she used it to put cotton wool balls for make up!

oohhhh....I simply must buy this too. Topsy Turvy Cups Cookie Jar.

And these mini cups cookie jar. The supplier told me people buy this to put candies, chocolates for packaging. Wonderful idea

Lastly, a muffin like tray made of porcelain. Definitely not a cookie jar. But a wonderful way to serve cookies for a tea party with good friends!


kuangesther said...

Hi Gina

Wow! All the cookies jars look so pretty and cute! I love the porcelain muffin tray best, so sweet! Next time I go to Guangzhou, will remember to grap some back. Really a keeper! Thanks for sharing the joy (words encrafted on the muffin tray). :-)


gina said...

Esther, I bought 2 of the muffin trays. If you want, can sell it to you..but dunno how much it costs as yet. Have to see the freight charges after it has landed on Singapore shores! :)