Jul 15, 2008

Life in Guangzhou Part 2

I realised a strange thing in Guangzhou. At first I thought it was because it was still winter during my last trip that this happens. Now in Summer, its the still the same...

There is not a single Bird in Guangzhou. You don't hear any chirpy sounds. You don't see them flying around looking for scraps of food near the shops. And when I ate out, I don't see any house flies too. Isn't that strange?

Almost all the roads here are in dismay..my Guangzhou friends tell me its better now, in the recent years, that is.

On the pavement, there is always space for a little business. Any kind of business. This lady sells steamed corn on her cart. The purple one, she says, was Glutinous Corn. Yes, it does smell like it, taste like eating steamed glutinous rice. The corn was sticky but quite tastless.

I just couldn't out some business. What are they selling? Monkey skulls? Some still have hair/fur on it. Tiger claws..eeuuu!!!

And this is a must have to eat when I go to Guangzhou. So far only in KFC have it. Its Portuguese tart that is filled with Japanese sweet potatoes chunks. Delicious!

Today is my last day..tomorrow I fly home to Singapore. Got classes to do. Of Cake decoration and chocolate moulding. Back to life, to reality I guess.

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