Jul 29, 2008

Get in SHAPE!

Finally, the August issue is out on the newsstands. Just grab 2 copies to keep. Showing here what is the rave about. Shape Magazine's editorial staff contacted me and ask me to create a sweet dessert recipe for their magazine. The criteria was :

It has to be a famous local favourite with Singaporeans
It has to use low fat, low sugar ingredients
And lastly, easy to prepare

So I did Bubur Cha Cha..The photographer came to my house early this month to do the food styling. But he found that I had some food styling skills. The interesting thing was the laksa was placed in a cartoon bowl. As I don't have a nice plain white bowl. But it was taken at an angle that you cannot see Snoopy on the other side. Clever!

However, the recipe for laksa wasn't my own. They already had a recipe from HPB(Health Promotion Board of Singapore) but didn't have a nice photo of it. And have ask me to help them. So I cook my own version of laksa, styled it for the front cover shot.

If anyone wants my authentic version, please write to me. Would gladly give it out. My recipe also uses low fat Evaporated milk. Only that my rempah is a killer version..more lemak!

They told me that I may have to write more for them in the near future..so stay tuned for more healthy, wholesome recipes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

Thank you for posting the recipe so fast, will try out this weekend.


gina said...

Cerine, its my pleasure.







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