Sep 24, 2008

Dear God...Today is Mother's Day

Okay, today is obviously not Mother's Day. But this was a slideshow I created for my church when they ask me to give a talk at the Sunday school in May 2002. I thought hard and fast in trying to find the best topic to speak that day. I know the children would either fall asleep or not pay attention to what I am saying.

I gave much thought and prayer on this...and ask God what He would want me to say. Then He spoke...

The full slideshow was created in Microsoft Powerpoint in year 2002. It comes with sound, animation and a MP3 audio file of the Don Moen's hymn : Give Thanks. However, to put it up on NET, means my file will be very huge. So I eliminated all the sounds, special effects.

To watch this slideshow, Click the picture to progress each slide.

All the Yellow and white text is the child's 'voice'.
The Blue text is God's 'voice'

What is the story line here?
A child goes to God and say to Him:

Dear God, today is Mother's Day

And tells God what he/she thinks mothers are. And in each slide, God spoke (in Blue text). And finally the child understands and praises God for giving him/her the best gift for Mother's day..his/her mom.

This slideshow was shown in my church and also in a few churches which my friends ask me for. If you would like a full copy of the slideshow for your church or fellowship, please write to me at

It was a truly inspirational slideshow. Many who saw this, cried. Because it reminded all of us about our mothers and our role as mothers to our children. And most of all, how God look after us and cared for us when we are not even noticing Him.

May you all be blessed and know that Love is all around...

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