Jun 28, 2009

just a mouthful of...

A day of cold cold ice cream for a super hot and melting day yesterday. I had an ice cream class yesterday. I taught my students to make

Blueberry ice cream, Green Tea ice cream, Coconut ice cream and Chocolate overload ice cream.

I had to force them to take home every flavour and leaving me with only the coconut ice cream. But they also left me with half of the share of Chocolate Overload ice cream.

This is one ice cream that I cannot take too much. Because I was allergic to chocolates. Its called Overload because I used 3 types of chocolates to make the ice cream. Bitter sweet chocolate curls by Callebut, Dark Chocolate shavings by Callebut too and also Valrhona cocoa powder.

Coconut ice cream, to me, was something refreshing for a change. Using coconut cream, heavy cream and whipping cream. The coconut cream overpowers the flavour of milk and cream. Leaving it a much desired ice cream to taste. I have also added toasted dessicated coconut and had some palm fruit on top.

I'll be packing this off to my mother-in-law. I think she will like this ice cream.

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