Jun 11, 2009

A slice of brownie and a cup of kindness

Yesterday, my good friend, Chef Benny Seteo went to the Food centre next to our store for lunch. As he looked up, he saw Kitchen Capers. He thought that sounded really familiar. After lunch, he just went into the store and ask for "Gina Choong". I heard his voice from my office, and I recognized it so well..

When I saw him, I immediately felt that God has blessed me today. I rush up and held his hands and we talk for a fair bit and like 2 old friends who had a chance meeting to talk of old times and happy days ahead.

And Chef Seteo told me that he recently had surgery done, he lift up his shirt to show me a tube running into his stomach and out to a bag to collect 'waste'. His gall bladder had ruptured and the emergency operation was carried out to clean up the mess internally. He was scheduled to return to the hospital next week to remove the gall bladder.

As if touched by God, I knew he needed me to pray for him and to let him know that he is loved and watched over. I held his hand in mine and suddenly he ask me this :
Gina, do you remember what you used to tell me some years ago?

I told him I said many things to him and I won't know which was important for him to remember it so well.

So he said :

"I will always be here for you. Whenever you need me, I will be your friend in need and indeed."

He also told me the recipe I gave him for his restaurant is now a killer recipe. His customers loved it and would order in trays instead of slices. And every time when he serves Brownies, he is reminded of our special friendship. When customers ask him about the special ingredient in his brownie, he would often say

"My best friend, Gina Choong gave her kindness to me. That's the secret ingredient. She gives me this brownie recipe and its the best."

If you are in Singapore, do visit Chef Benny Seteo restaurants.

Here is the website to find out more.


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janice said...

Hi Gina, Wish I could one day try your killer brownies! I loove brownies!