Feb 5, 2010

Post Chinese New Year Sale at KC

I will be having post CNY sale next week to last till end of February 2010.

Discounts from 20% to 50% for some of the selected range of products (Bakeware, Party ware, Ingredients)


From : 17 February, Wednesday to 28 February Sunday, 2010
Opening hours : 10am till 9pm

What's the scoop?

20% Discount for :
USA Cookie Cutters
Stadter Letter Press
Copper moulds for jelly
Aluminium moulds for jelly
Mini frying pan
Chocolate moulds
Aalst Range of Chocolate Fondue Sets(with free pack of Fountain Chocolate)

30% Discount for:
Party ware kits, etc
Gift Bags, Gift Boxes(paper back)
Chocolate foil wrap(for wrapping individual chocolate bons bons)

50% Discount for;
Ribbons (while stock last!)

Fixed discount prices:
Bakels Chocolate Fondant : S$8.30 per 750g pack, Usual price S$9.30 per pack. Buy a carton of 6 packs for S$48.00

SCS Butter(Salted or Unsalted) : S$2.80 per 250g block, Usual price S$3.80 each. No minimum order.

Anchor Butter(Salted or Unsalted) : S$4.25 per 454g block, Usual price S$4.50 each. No minimum order.

Anchor Cream Cheese 1kg block : S$15.00, usual price S$16.00

Hershey's Cocoa Powder : S$4.80, usual price S$5.50

Bamboo Charcoal Powder : S$9.00 per bottle, usual price S$9.50

All our Sugar Decorations(100s and 1000s) : S$3.50 per bottle Usual Price ; S$3.95 per bottle

Chef Master Liquid Gel 10oz bottle, all colours : S$12.50 per bottle, Usual Price S$16.50

Teck Aik Kee's Mild Sweetness Pineapple Paste : S$4.50 per 1kg , usual price S$4.80 per pack

If you made a single purchase of above S$300, you will get a Free Training Voucher with me. That's worth S$80.

Be there or be square..


Passionate About Baking said...

Do you sell Aalst cocoa powder? I'm looking for it but can't seemed to find it anywhere. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi do you sell Nielsen-Massey Vanilla extract.

Is Teck Aik Kee's pineapple paste nicer than Bake King's ?


Gina Choong said...

Jane, no. Its not for retail according to Aalst. But I have another grade of cocoa powder from France..at S$6.80 per 200g. Better than Hershey's, and a grade lower than Valrhona.

Clare, no I don't have Nielen-Massey Vanilla Extract. Mine is from France, another brand. selling at S$9.40 per 100g. It has the vanilla seeds in it. Its vanilla bourbon extract. Just as good and cheaper too.

Teck aik kee's paste is nicer than Bake king. Not as sweet as Bake King and a slight hint of sourness. The pineapples are from Thailand.

Passionate About Baking said...

Thanks for the info, Gina.

dot. said...

*heartbeat* oh my! Do you mail items! I'd love to get the Stadter Letter Press but don't know if I have time to go down to the shop itself to check out all the other goodies! do let me know! :)