Jan 31, 2010

Bearing gifts in Gold

For last 2 years, a friend has ask if I could make some nice fancy nian gao(Chinese New year cakes) for her to bring as gifts when she returns to China to visit her in laws and extended family. Without fail, I obliged. This year, with a store, she understands how busy I will be and said I don't have to do it for her. But I wanted to. Because she was also my mentor..someone who taught me Food styling, food photography and all things culinary wise. She is none other than Dr Pauline D Loh. Once upon a time, she was my boss when I used to work at Miles Media(the company that publishes Kitchen Culture's Food and Travel Magazine). Then we started Cuisine Asia together with my friend , Jean Lee.

Despite leaving Cuisine Asia, I was still in touch with Pauline on and off as she travels extensively in Asia for her work with ChannelNewsAsia. She has since left CNA. Jean is in China too. With her hubby, and World Vision China.

Last night after closing shop at 9pm, I rush home to make nian gao for her. And woke up early again this morning and painted all the nian gao.

This is a Gold Bar with chinese words and a double set of Mandarin Oranges.

This is a pool of 8 baby koi fishes swimming around the chinese character "Fu" which means Wealth. Each fish is specked with Edible Gold leaf to bring wealth to the recipient

These are also 8 Baby koi fishes speck with Gold leaf and the chinese words meant "May Wealth flow in abundance for you"

And lastly, all homes and businesses should have these!

A Gold Ingot with fishes swimming upwards to it and coming back with gold speck on their foreheads!

To Pauline and Li De

Wishing you and all at home a year of blessings from above



kitlaura@yahoo.com said...

HI Ginna
wah, so pretty your nian gao. are all these moulds available in your shop, and how about the receipes? your boss, Pauline, surely is blessed to have you as a dear friend. wishing you and love ones and your shop, a happy and wealthy blessed new year.
best regards

Anonymous said...

Greetings Gina,

Nice to visit your blog. Your friend must be blessed to have someone like you who cares enough to make her nian gao even though you need your rest more.
Was it you I bought a block of 1kg Valrhona Guanaja 70% during sunset when I visited your store yesterday evening (since we haven't met)? I inquired with an elderly gentleman who tended to the shop an hour before that if you carry Manjari 64%.

God bless,

Gina Choong said...

Hi Lori, yes, all the moulds and ingredients are available at my store. Recipes too! I did a demo of this nian gao outside my store 2 Sundays ago, so had printed 100s of recipes to give away.

Hi Tony,
yes, its me, and its you..the Gentleman wearing specs? I used to have the 64% block. Now I don't carry that as not many people knows how to use it. The last time I had that, it took 2 months to clear. I only carry 55%, and 70% the chocolates are very fresh and 'new'. I don't keep stock of too much Valrhona. Each stock/batch in my store only sits there for 2 weeks before its sold out. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina
just happen to spot your blog while surfing kitchen casper website.
your nian gao is so pretty.
by any chance do ypu take any orders?

Gina Choong said...

hi anonymous, sorry, I don't take any orders. These are made for friends. I only teach others how to make nian gao for sale or for gifts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,

It was a pleasure to meet you, albeit a very brief encounter. Could you please educate me as to why many people do not know how to use 64% Manjari? How is it difficult to use and in what situations? Sorry but I'm clueless. :) I am used to the taste of 70% Guanaja and a close second choice would be 64% Manjari. Wanted to sample more of 64% Manjari.

Best regards,

lishapisa said...

i love the jelly kois , they are so pretty! perfect for CNY
Happy New Year! very nice blog you have.
Thank you for sharing!