Jan 4, 2010

A new year of blessings

This post today is a post to bless you, and you and you and many more out there. While many would have drawn up a list of new year resolutions of what they plan to do and to achieve by year's end. I tried not to be too optimistic about achieving too much. But rather, to look back and reflect. On the numerous blessings God has given us without us realising it. The things we see that is happening everyday.

Now, take time to reflect. To sing praise to God. For all the moments in your life and your loved ones too. Even those unseen ones. The ones we forget or overlooked. Thank Him for good times and for bad. With good times, we sing praise. But with bad times, why do we need to be thankful of? It is through bad times, we learn to persevere, we learn how to cope. We learn to love more. And we learn how to take stock of what is left, sweep up the mess and move on and to inspire others.

While its easy to say "Dear God, I want to do this, or that. I hope I can do this and do that"

Why not say "Dear God, thank you for blessing me, in good times and in bad. In all my days and my moments when there are bad things happening. Thank you, Lord, for teaching me how to cope, showing me that I have many family and friends who cared for me as much as you do. If only I learn to be humble and be still and learn to see all the wonders of the world. "

I give you my thoughts for this new year..that you learn to see that love is definitely all around. Its just a little misty and blurry. We need to clean our minds and our hearts and be more open to the world. Then we can see it happening all the time.

God Bless you..

This is a hymn song in Chinese. I think its beautifully sung.

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