Jun 9, 2010

In His Time

As you all know, my life now evolves around my shop. I spent all my time there. Other than that, I go home, eat, sleep. Whenever we had family gatherings, I couldn't go but I made my presence felt by offering to cook or bake a dish and my sister will help me to bring the love dish there.

And whatever time I have spare at home, I tried to cook or bake the things my mom likes to eat. And would send it to her when my dad comes to pick up the girls after school.

Yesterday, my eyelids twitches non stop. Then I heard from Willie, my brother in law that Ah Mak is not well. She has a high fever and is resting at home. Quickly, I sms Benny to say she is not well. A dutiful son, Benny rings and checks up on his mom. And I prayed for her healing soon.

But throughout the day, I was most unrestful. And I couldn't figure out why. After all, my mom rang me early yesterday morning to say the Bai Mi Jiu I made for her was delicious. And she told me to make more. She wants to use it to cook herbal chicken and healing tonic soups for herself.

After we closed shop, we went home. Usually Melody will be playing the computer, but yesterday she was in tears..crying uncontrollably the more we ask her what was wrong. Our first thoughts were her best friend quarrelled with her and didn't want to be friends with her. Because that was the usual thing.

After much probing, she said this :

Po po vomitted blood. Now in hospital

Immediately a chain of events happened. Ringing my sis to find out what happened. Apparently my mom didn't have appetite the whole day. And so she didn't eat. But ate a small bowl of beancurd (warm)..then she threw up. and started coughing. Next, she coughed up blood. It frightened the whole family and they rushed her to Singapore General Hospital's Accident & Emergency dept.

She had to be warded for observation and more tests to determine what causes that.

The whole of last night was spent worrying and pondering about this.
This morning, in my quiet time with God, I asked Him why and what happened. And was there something I missed out and didn't do.

Then this favourite hymn came to me...

Then I understood the meaning of this to happen. That I should take a step back in time. While the store is important to me. I should also find the time to spend with my mother.

Sometimes God let things happen to us to 'shock' us and to keep us in line. But sometimes we don't slow down, and we don't see it in His way. And we continue our ways. And then there is no turning back.

I know what I need to do. While I still have to work, I still have to cook or bake for my mom. And I still need to find time to visit her, just to listen to her nagging at me. So I am in fault here. Presenting food, talking on the phone with her is not good enough. Though the thought does count, with my mom, the presence counts even more.

I wanted to share this with everyone who reads my blog. There may be something happening in your lives now..some slight disruption to the normal routine of things. Someone is trying to speak up or speak out. Time for you and also for me to step back, be silent and listen. Someone who needed you before its too late.

May you find peace and tranquility in His presence, in His Time.

Amen and God Bless you all..


Nurainie said...

Thanks for sharing, Gina. Will pray that your mom recovers soon.

vino said...

Hi Gina,

Sorry to hear that. I hope your mum recovers soon. Do not worry and keep a positive mind and pray a lot.