Jun 21, 2010

Simply Her

My store has been featured in the July issue of Simply HER magazine. Actually this is the 2nd time they have featured Kitchen Capers. Once was 2 years ago when my store was just an online shop.

Read my April 2008 article about it

Although I was a bit 'upset' that they wrote it that my store was like a "Hardware store". If they wrote that it looks like a "Econ-mini mart" sort, I still can be happy. But a hardware store??? Our window display only flour, and bakeware in full view. The front frontage shows rows of colourful muffin liners and Fondant.

I hope the article does us some justice to bring new customers to visit us.


Pris said...

Mini-mart sells food, probably that the reason your store is termed hardware

Gina Choong said...

Pris, mini mart sells ingredients like canned food, packed flour, etc, not food as in groceries. From the outside window facing the escalator to NTUC, it shows only flour, sugar, canned fruits and baking pans. So we are puzzled why she wrote as Hardware store. :(

eve+line said...

I think that's fine. Hardware store means there're lots of TOOLS. And you know all of us bakers love TOOLS.


ann said...

I always visit your kitchen capers website but too far to order things online. There are so many baking tools that I like...: ) If I happen to drop by Singapore, I will definitely visit your shop in person. Keep up the good wrok.

jinky said...

The author must have used the term 'hardware' because of the metalwares or tools. Anyways, I always like to visit your store coz I can find there much of everything I want to have in baking.. especially now that I have acquired a Kitchen Capers Privilege Card yippppeeee!!

TC. God bless you and your family :)

michlhw said...

dont be upset! i think its great, cuz baking ware is the more difficult of the two to obtain in singapore. People will be drawn by the baking ware, only to be pleasantly surprised that you are stocked with perishable items as well!

congrats on being featured in a magazine!