Apr 21, 2008

one of the BEST!

A fellow member at my KC forum told me that Kitchen Capers was listed as one of the 45 Best Online shops. I had to rush off to 7 Eleven just to get a copy to see. Here it is!

I thanked God for blessing me with skills and courage to do this alone..! I am running Kitchen Capers as a forum and online shopping site and all the classes all by myself. On top of them, I do my own food styling and photography and fix the website too. All the food photographs on the website are cooked or baked from my humble home, and taken with my digital camera.

Although the website and forum has been in existence since July 2004, the online shopping cart only started in late January. Only 3 months in the running and I got it listed as one of the BEST, its very encouraging for me as I started out on my own.

Thanks also, to my many customers who have purchased things from me and gave me valuable feedback on the things they have bought to use.

This has been a wonderful way to start the year!

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