Apr 1, 2008

Patience and love..

Does patience and love go together. I think so. I don't have the patience to wait for anyone, or even for bread to rise. But somehow, when love is concerned, I guess I can have a little bit more patience.

Today I wanted to try something different on fondant. I wanted to paint roses, flowers and leaves. In normal circumstances, I wouldn't have bothered with these. Its just too much work. But my mom hasn't been well lately. She was moody and grumpy. As you have read about her love for all things floral in my post about making a cake for her last year. My mind filled with her as I painstakingly painted these delicate embossed strokes.

I have to practice now..so when Mother's Day comes next month, I will have nice floral cake for her again.


Rei said...

Gina, totally agree with you. When you do something for your love ones, you will find the patience and time needed. Can't wait to see your cake for Mother's Day!

gina said...

in May, I will go mad! Mother's Day, Melody's 10th birthday, PA classes, and that one week marathron class I have to do! so have to practice now..or no time to do anything in April.