Apr 23, 2008

Days of Wine and Roses...!

This is a challenge I set up at my forum : Kitchen Capers. We now had a new section called Daring Enough? Where a member starts a challenge in all things culinary...either cooking or baking using a specific ingredient or a particular method. My challenge for others to join in was to make Wine at home. Either fruits or rice. So far this is what I made..and its still on going. We have to update the posted thread with photos and explanations of our experiments and report on any failures or progress along the way. We must also share the full recipe of how to make the end product.

I am testing 3 types of rice grains:

Black Glutinous Rice to make Black Glutinous Rice wine.
This process will take 21 days to complete. Picture here shows the 4th day..wine is showing at the bottom of the jar.

Basmati rice wine to make another version of White rice wine.
Also a process that will take 21 days to complete. This picture shows 12th day. Much wine is collected at the bottom of the jar now.

Mulitgrain rice. This is only Day 2. Nothing much to see..only that its wet. means wine fermentation in progress. Hopefully to see some wine by the 4th day.

And this...Fruit wines

My first fruit wine : Green Apples
The process will take 14 days..its showing good progress.
This photo shows Day 2

this is Star fruits mixed with small limes. This is done just today. harvested some 600g of fresh starfruits from my neighbhour's starfruit tree. She said i could have it!

If you wanna join the challenge, join Kitchen Capers forum and join the Daring Enough challenge on wine. Learn from others on how to make your own nutritious and healthy fruit wine.

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