Apr 3, 2008

I still HAVE it!

Well, I thought that I have lost my skill in painting after the numerous surgeries I had to go thru since young. Until recently, I decided to paint again. But not on canvas. Its on sugar paste instead.

These delicate medallions look-alike were moulded from a plastic mould made for Moon cakes. WF said it look like chinese tiles. I guess it really does look like it.

It took me over 2.5 hours just to paint all of it. Its painted with food dyes and I had played around with colours, mix and using different techniques in painting which I learnt when I was a kid in school.

And though it was tedious, it was great to look at all of them when its done. Surprisingly, it looked nothing like sugarpaste but like a piece of mosaic or kitchen tile ! Like those tiles that adorned the front yard of an old Peranakan home.

I wanna try to paint my shetland sheepdog on a fondant next..I hope I find the time and energy for that..


Yuri said...

Hi Gina, I saw something like that on KC's kitchenware pages. OMG, you must have been very good in Art. My drawing is so-so, after adding it got worse. So I refrain from doing that haha. You've done a great job with these.

gina said...

adeline, thanks. after the numerous surgeries I have, i cannot draw freehand now. What u see here is done using a template..and traced over. :)

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Gina, I realy lost you somewhere and am so glad to find you again..I really found this extremely pretty.. Totally artistic..
I am not sure whether I gave you my email id when you had asked me long time back..apologies for the delay..
U are welcome to write to me at sugarcraftindia@gmail.com

gina said...

Hi swati, thank you once again for dropping by to view my fondant work! and your kind comments. no, I am at fault..was nursing my health after surgery, so I didn't write to you. Will email you shortly..thanks