Jun 28, 2010

Love Is... Revisited

Come What May performed by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman from the Musical "Moulin Rouge"

I was bored and couldn't sleep a few nights before. So I pick up the DVD I had and decided to watch "Moulin Rouge". It was a good musical that I bought some years back and watch it with my girls when Natasha was still in her mid teens. I watched many musicals with her and told her a little bit of this musical. The original one made years ago wasn't so appealing due to the songs they played. This one was made using songs that were a little modern, remixed for the musical.

In this movie, Ewan sang this song "Come What May", one of the most appealing words sang was this:

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

sigh... I should be watching this movie and going ga-ga than to watch Twilight. After all, Twilight is for teens, Moulin Rouge, more adult I guess.

Love is..revisited today. Because today is my birthday. Yes, 28th June. The days that draws near to today, Benny has been calling me, sms-ing me and spoke to me in the gentleness I used to hear when we were dating. These days, our voices seemed loud and uncouth. Not that we are scolding each other. But maybe because as time passes, we think we understand each other better, no more sweet nothings and sweet sounded voices.

So it was really nice to hear him speak to me this way again. He knew what pleases me and what I like for my birthday. I loved to eat fruits especially Lychees, durians and mangoesteens. I am not a cake person nor one who likes birthday parties or candlelight dinners. And most gifts to me ended up in the store room, stashed away and forgotten.

I still have the Etienne-Aigner designer watch set he bought for me in 1998 when he went to Chicago on business. I never wore it and kept it all these years. In the past 2 to 3 years he would give me $500 worth of Gift vouchers from Isetan or Tangs. I always ended up using it to buy things for our girls. And I bought nothing for myself.

So these days, he knows that its best to buy me something I want, then I would use it. Then to give me something which I can exchange it to give it to someone else.

But the days ahead will be hard on us. He will be working round the clock and won't not be able to swing by to have lunch with me nor fetch me to work. He also told me that some nights I may have to close the shop myself. But he tells me:

"I would rather come and close up the shop with you. But I am really tired. Some weekends, if you do not have class, you may have to go and work too. Because I have to."

In my reply to him :

"Is this permanent?"

He said "No. Just for 2 months from July to August. I would rather spend time with you"

So I said to him "Thank God! My days ahead will be brighter knowing you are always thinking of me. Even though you can't be with me"

But my days ahead will be no less busy than his. But he assures me that we will walk this path together. While we are kept busy, he would always listen to my grunts and moans about life in general. And he will find time whenever he can, just to drop by even just to close the shutters from the store.

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