Aug 3, 2010

Another door opens...

I will be offering all of my classes at Robinsons(Centrepoint Shopping Centre at Orchard Road) by November 2010. So my classes at home will ceased by end October 2010.

When you visit Robinsons at Centrepoint sometime end of the year, you will notice that Kitchen Capers logo on the glass panel at the Baking Studio at Level 5..houseware department.

Kitchen Capers will be hosting culinary classes there. Almost every day. Personally, there is no change of my current teaching schedule. Instead of running these classes at home, I now do it at Centrepoint. At least now, my students cannot tell me I am very far away or there is no bus or MRT to my place.

I will teach on Saturdays and Sundays there. Together with me will be 3 other home chefs. Each of them will specialise in a particular subject which they do best.

Meng Choo will teach once a month at Robinsons. She will impart her sugar craft skills to the students. You can see her work via her blog

Halimah, a fellow KC forum member will also be teaching at Robinsons. She will cover Vegan Baking(no eggs, no butter) and also Healthy lifestyle cooking.

Sandy Goh will be teaching baking and also sugarcraft on cakes, cookies.

For me, I will teach baking, and cooking(mostly Asian cuisine). And the occasional Fondant figurines modelling too. I am planning to run a series of noodles making and bread making classes at Robinsons in the near future.

Here's how equipped the baking studio is :

This, to me, is another door open for me. I have always wanted a place of my own to teach culinary. Although the Wiltshire baking studio is owned by Robinsons, I was given the chance to run my courses there and to broadcast about my store at the same time.

All of us have set aside our time to plan our classes from November 2010 till January 2011. We will still planning more for the months ahead.

The classes will be Full Hands-on. Maximum intake per class is 8 persons. Minimum to start is 4 persons. Every student will be getting a goody bag when they come for class. There will be free flow of freshly brewed tea or coffee for all students.

The whole purpose was to teach, to impart our skills to everyone and yet have a comfortable and cozy environment almost like home.

Stay tuned for further updates via the main Kitchen Capers website this October.

This is yet another milestone for Kitchen Capers..especially when she just celebrated her 6th year in WWW. Each year, a new door opens for her to grow.

Thanks to all who have supported her in the forum, in the shop and in all my classes since 2004.

God Bless You!


Halimah Ilavarasi said...

Nice Write Up! :D

Alina Hew said...

congratulations Gina! All the best to you & God Bless.
regards, alina (Lynette's friend)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! so happy for you. Praise the Lord!!

lil said...

Congratulations G. Good to see doors being opened each time. God Bless you and nice kitchen. Hope to be able to attend one day :)
God is Good. Bless you sister. :)

Passionate About Baking said...

Congratulations Gina!! Finally the deal is sealed! There'll be more happy stress coming up for the near future. Take care of your health too! :))

Anonymous said...

Hi sis Gina, Congratulations to you and yr partner. Looking for you to join class. Keep me posted ok..
Congratulation again dear sister.