Aug 31, 2010

Once upon a time...

No, this is NOT the starting line for a fairy tale story. More like me looking back in wonder. Of the days I used to bake and sell my cookies, little muffins and low sugar fruit cakes. And then even longer back in time, I used to cook and sell my sambal pastes. Not so much for the profit of it, but more to practice and hone in my chilli pastes perfection.

And ever since I started Kitchen Capers forum, I slowly stop hiding my recipes. I started to share more. And when I started teaching culinary, I stopped hiding it altogether. Now all my recipes can be found everywhere. Namely in my own KC forum, sometimes you will find it at C2C.Net, an American all CHEFs website and forum, or the occasional food blogger's pages, at MCDC(Malaysian Cake Decorator's Community) and even at the Human Flower Project website.

The next step was to get some of these PRINTED because not everyone is on a computer. Call me old-school whatever, I still like to refer to instructions on paper, printed media..not the Internet. I know its much easier to search for it.

The good thing to report is Wiltshire Australia has ask for my permission to print my recipes onto a recipe card. And these will be distributed with their bake ware products. And its sold worldwide, or at least to the Western world. In Asia, Wiltshire Singapore will do likewise and distribute their Bake ware products to Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia..

I have kept really busy and literally on my toes. So if you go to Kitchen Capers website and don't see any major movement in my classes, its because I have been stretched really thinly lately.

By October, our classes at Robinsons will be uploaded at KC website and linked to Robinson's website too. In due time, I will be getting more baking instructors to teach with me at Robinsons. I cannot run the classes alone as I have to run my shop too. But when you see the classes offered by KC, it will have a variety for you to choose..from simple cooking to complex traditional cuisines to baking for beginners to beyond.

I hope to engage an enrichment school to run baking classes for little Tots from 3 years to older kids at 12 years old. I just wanted to make this appeal to all who have been loyally supporting me all these years, be it in my classes or my forum and my shop too.

on the lighter's some old photos of the stuff I use to bake and sell. These recipes and its secrets will be taught when I teach at Robinsons. See you...

Jade lion (Gummy candy)

Home made Cheese Foccacia

Chocolate Mint Cookies..the secret ingredient is the Polo Mint used in this recipe

Beef Noodles...NOTE: Teaching this in November 2010 at Robinsons..My late grand dad heirloom recipe.


Passionate About Baking said...

Gina, congrats for another milestone in your culinary career. It's one after another good news for you. I'm sure you'll be very busy with all these activities coming up. Take care too.

Pris said...

I love the dried gravy & the soup for the Beef Noodles, can provide details on the class?