Aug 10, 2010

Eat and be Happy

Yesterday was Singapore's National Day, 45 years of independence. 45 years of blood and tears, sweat and toil, where our Leaders help to build and shape the nation to what it is today. And what better way to celebrate this day than to spend it with loved ones.

Benny and I decided to close our store earlier at 7pm. While I stayed at home the whole day to prepare a feast with my parents, sis and my brother in law, Benny worked at the store till 6 plus and closed to come home for dinner.

I had the whole day to myself, so I decided to make a few desserts that the family loved. First of all is Huat Kueh, the traditional rice flour steamed cakes which my mom loved to eat but never found the time to make.

It was made with the Bai Mi Jiu Liang or White Rice Wine residule. And it took another 8 hours to ferment. I had it steamed at 5pm. Just in time for dinner.

I realised that I didn't have those tiny tea cups anymore so had to use mini cupcake liners for it. Turn out to be such a pretty bunch. But later removed the liners ...

Next is Gui Ling Grass Jelly dessert..this is fail proof. From a packet of pre mix which I sell in my store. A hit with all at home. We had this with Maple syrup instead of honey. It was really good. Especially after dinner..smooth, silky and cold.

And lastly, something my mom also liked..the sago pearls in rich gula melaka syrup. I didn't make a lot. Just enough for tasting. Its only after I made it, I found out I didn't have coconut cream. The shops near my home are closed. So I use pandan sago pearls for the flavour and added more gula melaka instead.

We had Steamboat and Teppanyaki for dinner. Everything was prepared at home. For the steamboat soup, we had Herbal Chicken soup on one side and Curry chicken gravy on the other side.

Teppanyaki was just BBQ of chicken wings, shabu-shabu Beef, sausages, prawns, squids, etc.

our dog, Jing Jing had to be locked up in the balcony because my mom is slow in movement. And Jing Jing is very hyper. After dinner around 8 plus..had to show you my cuckoo clock :

side track..this is our third Cuckoo Clock. We loved this kind of clocks..because it serves not just to keep time but be a part of the home and furnishing.

Jing Jing getting a rub behind her ears when we cleared the table and no traces of food tidbits for her..that will do, she will probably food, but a good rub!

After that, I just plonked in bed and watched re-runs on DVD. Melody and I watched Oliver! the Musical.

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Carrie said...

HI Gina,

I just had to ask where did you buy a steamboat pot where you can have 2 soup stocks? I have been hunting high and low for it in Singapore but could not find it anywhere.