Oct 24, 2008

Food and Friends

Recently, I found some old school pals at Facebook. Because I started a group there and named it as Bartley Primary School Alumini. It was really nice to have found my primary school mates after such a long time. We chatted on the phone for long hours. And hope to meet up this Sunday over coffee or tea. I baked a cake for this occasion but decided to decorated it to give it to someone else instead as I fear that the sugar paste cannot last till then due to the rainy seasons the last few days.

In all, I baked 2 different cakes for the same person. The doggy cake was a Nutella Chocolate Cake while the roses cake was Fruit Cake that had dried cranberries and XO liquor in it. GT will drop by later to pick up her gifts. A cake for her to celebrate with her friends, and one for her to celebrate with her family.

Here's to GT, Happy Birthday and many more to come..more happiness, more joy and love. ps..don't give the cake to Gabby.!

I would also to dedicate one of the cakes I did : the rose one..to Shira. Thanks to her..she help me to pipe the icing on the words Happy Birthday because she saw me shook like mad!

Thanks Shira...for being here for me.

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