Oct 19, 2008

A thought that counts

While I was cleaning up the cabinets last month to make way for new cabinets. I had to junk some old stuff I don't need and keep what I will need. There seems to be alot of stuff I have. Which I don't need but I wonder why I am still keeping it!

And I saw this little white beaded rabbit in my stash of stuff. And almost forgotten little keepsake I had. It was a gift some many Christmases ago. Hand made and wrapped in tissue paper. A gift from my aunt SF. A year after she became a single parent. I remember keeping this and when we moved house, it was always kept with my jewellry box of things that are expensive and important.

Although it was not an expensive jewellry item. To me, it meant so much as auntie couldn't afford lavish Christmas gifts anymore. And she made it by hand, just for me. As I was born in the lunar year of the Rabbit. This little gift of love was no taller than a 20 cent coin.

Many years ago, my dad use to remind us all the true meaning of giving. He always say that we should not look at gifts as how much it costs or or how expensive it is but to look into the gift of love, the thought that counts.

So now, I teach my girls too, that same philosophy that a gift is measured by love a person has for you. Not by the monetary value or the size of it.

This little beaded rabbit is now kept in my jewellry box again. One of my must-have, must-keep, and most treasure gift of love.

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