Oct 31, 2008

Not quite Bloody Mary

I had to take this photo of the cocktail I made for the magazine because of 2 things:

The sky is getting dark soon
Why waste a good photo showing the watermelon which I took so much time to scrap out the 'flesh'

This cocktail was supposedly to be named as Rainbow Cocktail as it had all kinds of fruit cocktail in it like peaches, pear, cherries, apples, melon and the red liquid is actually freshly blended Watermelon juice.

It does look like Bloody Mary cocktail with its offensive bloody redness. But its not. I usually serve this at home for parties. Each half of the watermelon is used to serve either cocktail or a nice fruit salad. After the party, just junk, no mess, no fuss and less to wash!!

This is great to serve for those Halloween parties or Christmas parties too.

Here's my tried and tested recipe to keep

1 whole watermelon
1 can of fruit cocktail in heavy syrup
1 can of peaches in heavy syrup
lots of ice

1. Cut the melon into half from the centre.
2. Slice off a bit off the rounded bottoms..so the melon can sit properly on the table without toppling over.
3. Blend the melon balls into juice and add all the fruit cocktails to mix
4. Pour into the empty melon shell and load it with ice
5. Serve cold...!

I also made mini bread cups and filled it up with tuna flakes that was seasoned with low fat mayo and dash of grounded white pepper..

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chumpman said...

That's for recipe of cockrail ! Now I have something else to show off except my pasta and snacks for parties/gatherings