Nov 3, 2008

Making happy food

My mother in law loves yam. I would like to think of yam as 'happy food' for her. It never stops to bring her a smile if I made anything out from it. So last week, I had tested a recipe using yam to make into cookies for her. And this morning, I got up early to make it again. This time, I baked it fresh and send it to her ...still warmed.

And I also tried something else with it. Making that sticky yam paste(orr nee) into a cookie.

And true enough she was all smiles today. I also took the time to visit her after her fall...while going to the market to buy food. It wasn't serious, but was badly bruised in both knees.

And I also made some for my mom, who isn't too well the last few days. Nursing a cold and flu, she has lost her appetite and not eating well. Mom, on the other hand was more tired, listless and sleeps on most days.

So today, my happy food goes to 2 important women in my life..: My mother and my Mother-in-law. The former who shaped me and the latter who loved me for all that I am.

Thank God for mothers...!


Passionate About Baking said...

Yes, thank God for all mothers! It's always a pleasure to make/bake foods that our mother or mother-in-law likes. Me too! :)

Doll said...

your pictures are beautiful!!! and delicious too :]

Cookie said...

Some people would say you are lucky to have dotting mothers, but I think you have earned their love (thru your wonderful bakes)!

Missy said...

I have just tagged you on my blog. (like a tagging of 7 other pple chain) Brings more pple to your blog and thereafer. Have fun!

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Gina,
Just to let you know that you've been tagged in my blog. I realised that "Missy" has also tagged you! Have fun! ;)