Nov 17, 2008

Jolly good fun

I have a sugarpaste modelling class for kids last weekend. It was jolly good fun for all of them. They made snowman, santa hats, mini food icons like bagette, french loaves, sausage buns, hamburgers, and even tiny udon soup in a bowl. Some tried their hands in making pizzas and after class, they had another round of fun...playing in the balcony with my dog and Chocolate, the dwarf rabbit.

Here are some of the kid's work. Good Job boys and girls.

This class will be repeated again next month. Do check out my website at to find out about it. All kids will get a free Fondant Tools set* and 120g of coloured fondant flavoured with Strawberry and also 4 cupcakes for them to decorate.

This particular set of Fondant tools are made safe for kids' use. No sharp edges or pointy ends. They use it during class to make all the figurines you see above.

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